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HIFIMAN EF499 all-in-one decoding machine review: focusing on cost-effectiveness – Sina Hong Kong

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HIFIMAN EF499 all-in-one decoding machine review: focusing on cost-effectiveness – Sina Hong Kong

Introducing the Affordable HIFIMAN EF499 All-in-One Decoder and Headphone Amplifier

Hello everyone! If you’re a fan of high-fidelity audio like me, you might remember my review of the HIFIMAN EF500 all-in-one decoder and headphone amplifier a few years ago. While the experience was great, many of you mentioned that the price was a bit high and out of budget. To address this, today I am excited to introduce the more budget-friendly HIFIMAN EF499 all-in-one decoder and headphone amplifier, which is like the lite version of the EF500 but at a more affordable price!

For those who appreciate high-quality audio and need a desktop-level decoder and headphone amplifier, the HIFIMAN EF499 is a great option. With its sleek black design, all-metal casing, and vertical rectangular shape, it not only looks luxurious but also saves space on your desktop. The front layout, buttons, and interfaces remain similar to the EF500, with a golden volume knob and decoding adjustment knob.

In terms of interfaces, the EF499 offers a 6.35mm headphone jack, XLR output, RCA output, network interface, Type-C input, USB input, and coaxial input. The device is equipped with a Philips R2R DAC, providing a high signal-to-noise ratio and balanced outputs with a maximum output power of 4.35W per channel. This makes it capable of driving most headphones on the market.

In terms of performance, the EF499 may not reach the flagship level of the HIFIMAN EF500 but offers a balanced tonal tuning and approachable price range. The device is designed for both local and streaming media, making it versatile for different listening scenarios.

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For daily use, the EF499 can be easily connected to a computer or NAS for audio playback. It also supports online streaming through ROON, allowing you to access your music library from anywhere. Paired with headphones like the HIFIMAN DEVA, the EF499 delivers a rich and detailed sound quality, enhancing your listening experience.

Overall, the HIFIMAN EF499 is a great option for those looking for a high-quality yet affordable desktop decoder and headphone amplifier. Priced at less than 1,500 yuan, it offers a range of interfaces, solid performance, and a sleek design. If you’re a music enthusiast looking to upgrade your audio setup, the HIFIMAN EF499 is definitely worth considering. Stay tuned for more reviews and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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