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Hiring Process in Google: 6 Lessons for Recruiters

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Being one of the world’s largest and probably most recognizable organizations, Google has earned a name for assembling the ideal team. It is an attainable goal that can be accomplished if startup companies and small enterprises pay attention to their recruitment tactics. Many have attempted, and several have failed.

Maybe Google has a method for finding the best candidate for each position. Maybe not. One critical component ignored by companies that were ineffective in recruiting and maintaining new staff is the need to adapt rather than copy.

Your business probably has a specific market, point of view, set of requirements, and most surely a distinct culture. Remembering Google’s recruiting principles is critical, but it is much more vital to apply those to your organization. Here’s a guide to getting started.

Tips to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Google did not become a multi-billion dollar company overnight. One of the primary reasons why Google is where it is today is the team behind the company. An organization’s workers are key to taking it to the next level. Consider the following tips for building an efficient team for your startup.

1. Look for Potential and Not Just Achievements

Google is a well-known firm that has repeatedly been rated the greatest company to work with over 57,100 employees who work full-time. The company did not achieve its goals by employing throwaway workers and disregarding business culture. While evaluating a candidate’s present skills is vital, it is also crucial to consider their overall fit and prospective.

Do not get too caught up in their prior accomplishments. Instead, emphasize other characteristics such as initiative and readiness to think creatively. Without initiative, there can be no growth, and your company can never expand if the proper people are not on board.

“Googleyness” is among the primary qualities Google searches for in new workers. The organization seeks professionals who are a good match for the corporation’s distinct culture. Indeed, as per Google’s website, its recruiting managers tend to rely less on degrees and experiences and more on identifying individuals who “are great at lots of things, love big challenges, and welcome big changes.”

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2. Include Other Managers

Include others in the recruiting process. Google uses a “hiring committee” composed of top executives and workers who meet with all possible candidates and provide input. This type of collaborative recruiting ensures that no single supervisor may make a possibly incorrect judgment on their own

You can even try introducing someone unconnected to the position or field into the interview session for impartiality. This strategy is extremely beneficial since the “sit-in” worker will have just one purpose: maintaining a high standard with an impartial evaluation. They may not be specialists in the industry, but they’ll be interested in retaining a great hiring quality.

3. Know More about Your Employees

This tip might seem redundant since you are interviewing to know about a potential employee anyway. However, an interview lasting only a few minutes cannot tell you everything you need to know. Conducting a thorough background search on the people you are hiring is recommended so that you are well aware of the kind of workers you are hiring.

Google employees are researched intensely before they are even considered for the role. It is an effective way to ensure that the prospective employee is not hiding anything in front of you and is being completely candid.

This shows honesty, which can go a long way in building a company. While an interview helps understand how a job candidate performs under pressure and how they respond to queries, a background search helps ascertain that the candidate is honest about everything.

4. Ask The Right Questions

How do you hire the right person for a role? You ask them the right questions. Unfortunately, not every recruiting manager knows to throw questions at the candidate. It is important to ask basic questions, such as experience, skills, and what they will bring to the company. But how do you ask specific questions that will make you decide whether the candidate is truly perfect for the role?

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It is best if you prepare interview questions beforehand. Just like the candidate prepares answers for interview questions, you should also put in the time to come up with the perfect questions. Make sure to ask questions specific to the role you are hiring.

And, if possible, skip brainteasers. Google did that for years, but they ultimately understood that rather than asking questions that would determine how fast they think, it is better to ask structured questions and give them to work out sample tests since they are a better judge of skill.

5. Hire a Global Workforce

Building together a diverse team of people is one of the best things you can do for your company. Ever since the pandemic, remote working has accelerated, and companies are now recruiting people from around the world to their teams. And Google belongs to that list, too.

A diverse team ensures that you have a group of people who will bring forward various ideas. People from different cultures and upbringings will give your company the flexibility it might need. A global workforce delivers expertise and experience from other markets, a wider talent pool, regulatory and tax advantages, and can make talent acquisition much easier and cost-effective.

A global workforce includes personnel from various time zones throughout the world. This implies that staff members in another country can handle that aspect of the business rather than missing consumers while you are asleep. Hiring a remote team is not difficult as it once used to be. There are now several tools and strategies that you can use to team up with the best set of people.

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6. Hire Top Talent

Hire someone better than you. That’s something Laszlo Bock, Google’s talent recruitment manager, always preaches. One of the primary reasons why you are hiring an outstanding team of people is because you need your workload reduced. In that pursuit, you should never just hire an “acceptable” candidate. Making compromises will be the first nail in your company’s coffin.

You should take all the time you need and hire the top talent you can find. This might be resource-intensive and time-consuming. However, shortcuts never helped anyone. You should be hunting after the best people you can find. For instance, Bocks talks about Karen May. He pursued May for four years before ultimately luring her to join the company as the VP of people development.

Final Thoughts

With so many candidates trying to place in the company, how do you seek out the right people? Other than strategies and plans, a big part of knowing which people will be right for your company is following your intuition. Nobody will know your company or its goals like you do. Hence, you must find someone who will fit into your company’s objective seamlessly.

Once again, compromises won’t work if you are trying to find an efficient group of people. It might be more time-consuming now, but think about the long-term as well. Thinking ahead will give you the jump-start that every company needs. These Google recruiting lessons have always been about developing a consistent procedure that makes every recruitment as meaningful and efficient as possible. What else could we possibly need?

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