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Hogwarts Legacy 2 appears to be developed using Unreal Engine 5

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Hogwarts Legacy 2 appears to be developed using Unreal Engine 5

After years of anticipation and development challenges, Hogwarts Legacy finally hit the shelves in 2023 and quickly became a massive success. The game, set in the iconic wizarding world of Harry Potter, not only became the best-selling game of the year but also received praise from critics and fans alike.

Despite earlier promises of no DLC for Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that a sequel is already in the works. According to a report from Tech news, Avalanche Software, the developers behind the game, are gearing up to switch from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 for Hogwarts Legacy 2. This shift in graphics engine could mean a significant improvement in visuals and overall gaming experience for players.

A recent job listing from Warner and Avalanche Software also hints at the future of the Hogwarts Legacy series. The listing calls for a Senior Character Artist with experience in game engines like Unreal Engine 4/5, indicating that the team is actively working on the next installment of the game. The listing also emphasizes the importance of hiring a team that can create the next big thing in the open-world, action RPG genre.

With the move to Unreal Engine 5 and the removal of support for older hardware, fans can expect a more visually stunning and immersive experience in Hogwarts Legacy 2. While the details of the sequel are still under wraps, the news of the graphics engine upgrade has already generated excitement among players eager for the next chapter in the magical world of Hogwarts.

(Source: Gamereactor.cn)

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