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Hogwarts Legacy console download size is 76-80 GB

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Hogwarts Legacy console download size is 76-80 GB

We’ve been getting a lot of reports about the huge scope of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, which after all includes the Hogwarts setting and many other things, as well as being graphically heavy and containing a lot of dialogue. In other words, those who fear storage-intensive gaming have good reason to think so.

Fortunately, it’s not as bad as feared. The ever-reliable Playstation Game Size and Idle Sloth on Twitter have managed to get rid of the game’s file size. As it turns out, the PlayStation 5 version has a download size of 79.54 gigabytes, while the Xbox Series S/X has a download size of 76.67 gigabytes.

Preloads for the game will begin on February 5 for anyone who buys the PlayStation 5 Deluxe Edition, while it’s been available for the Xbox Series S/X since last week.

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