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Houses should be easier to get solar systems and greenery

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Houses should be easier to get solar systems and greenery

The deputy mayor and housing councilor Kathrin Gaál (SPÖ) presented the 2023 building regulations amendment today together with the housing spokesperson for NEOS Vienna, Selma Arapovic. The new Vienna building regulations focus on affordable housing and climate protection. It covers topics such as the protection of old buildings and stricter rules for short-term rentals in order to secure living space.

The amendment also contains simplifications, such as simpler approvals for photovoltaic systems and facade greening as well as the further reduction of sealings in order to protect the climate. A “building picker” will be introduced that enables regular inspections of the building structure and documents defects. New building permits will only be issued after a demolition permit has been submitted.

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Regulation of short-term rentals will be expanded to non-residential zones. However, renting out your own apartment via platforms such as Airbnb is still permitted for a maximum of 90 days per year. The parking space requirement will be replaced by a zone model and reduced in areas with good public connections. At the same time, the e-charging infrastructure is being expanded.

The approval of photovoltaic systems will be simplified and the solar obligation for new buildings will be doubled. An obligation for new residential buildings to install PV systems has existed since 2020 (in the case of commercial properties even since 2014), now this will be doubled in terms of kWp. Facade and roof greening should also be made easier. Soil sealing will be further reduced and certain parts of the property will have to be greened in the future.

The new building regulations will come into force this year. The process for developing the amendment began in November 2022 and is based on suggestions and impulses from experts and representatives of all parties, according to the town hall. The draft law is scheduled to be passed in the Vienna state parliament on November 23rd.

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