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How do the Falcon Magic6 series cameras work? Honor explains it to us! • Techzilla

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How do the Falcon Magic6 series cameras work?  Honor explains it to us!  • Techzilla

The growing demand for mirrorless cameras has reached unprecedented levels thanks to their irresistible features that attract photographers of all levels. In recent years, these cameras have undergone numerous hardware improvements, making them the first choice of photography enthusiasts

By improving the shutter mechanism, a faster shutter speed is achieved, which allows mirrorless cameras to capture images in rapid succession, effectively freezing fast-moving subjects and reducing blur. These skills are particularly advantageous in sports, wildlife and action photography, where the ability to capture fast moments is crucial.

In response to this growing popularity of sports photography and the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI), Honor has taken proactive steps to lead the industry in camera innovation. By integrating AI technology into smartphone photography and implementing significant upgrades at both the hardware and software levels, Honor is committed to bringing capabilities to its devices professional-grade photography, allowing users to capture unique moments in exceptional clarity, preserving the fleeting nature of these events with astonishing detail.

The Honor Magic6 series is equipped with a professional-grade Falcon camera system powered by artificial intelligence, which is a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to camera excellence. Falcon introduces a standout 180MP Periscope telephoto lens and a host of industry-leading features, including the custom HDR sensor with ultra-wide dynamic range capabilities and an ultra-large variable aperture. Harnessing the power of AI technology, Honor delivers an extraordinary photography experience, allowing users to capture jaw-dropping moments.

The introduction of the Honor Falcon camera system has taken the Magic6 series to new heights. In addition to improving the dynamic range, light sensitivity, long-range vision and dynamic imagesand, Honor has raised the bar of shooting speed to unprecedented levels. The S actuatorMA (Shape Memory Alloy), which combines autofocus (AF) capabilities and optical image stabilization (OIS), offers industry-leading focusing speed.

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TheDr. Weilong Hou, imaging technical expert of HONOR Device Co, Ltd explains:

Thanks to HONOR’s cutting-edge technology, users can now capture and immortalize fleeting sports moments with unprecedented clarity and precision, elevating their sports photography to new levels of excellence.
“HONOR is pushing the boundaries of innovation in smartphone photography and is dedicated to bringing users the best image capturing experience on the market. We believe the next big trend for smartphone photography will be sports photography, and our progress and ambitions in this field, powered by artificial intelligence, represent a significant leap forward, enabling our users to enjoy a professional-level photography on their smartphones”

The brand new Honor Magic6 Pro smartphone boasts the Sport Portrait algorithm, which allows photographers to effortlessly capture portraits with natural bokeh effects, even in fast motion, comparable to those of a professional camera. Thanks for the update of the AI ​​Motion Sensing algorithm, The Honor Magic6 series allows users to capture a wide range of sports and activities, ensuring decisive moments are preserved in stunning detail.

With a 180MP Periscope telephoto lens, Honor has significantly improved image quality, ensuring clear shots of distant objects with unmatched precision. Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, Honor confirms itself as a pioneering force in the mobile photography sector, taking smartphone photography to new levels of excellence.

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