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How I make your industry smart

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How I make your industry smart

Eraldo Federici, Executive vice president Capgemini, participates in the panel From 4.0 to the intelligent industry. In the Duomo, September 29th at 4.45pm

Since 2012 the term Industry 4.0 has begun to circulate and now its evolution, according to Capgemini, is the Smart Industry. The world of manufacturing is undergoing an unprecedented transformation driven by the convergence of technologies such as advanced robotics, 3D printing, AI and big data, virtual and augmented reality, IoT, which have the potential to fundamentally change the business landscape. Operations can become more efficient thanks to real-time data collection and analysis, while production can be optimized thanks to automation and advanced robotics. The supply chain can transform by enabling greater product visibility and traceability across the entire supply chain.
Two themes guide the future of Industry 4.0: the ever-increasing human-machine collaboration and attention to economic, social and environmental sustainability. Technologies such as AI, data analytics and digital twins can play a key role in leading organizations to make better use of resources, simulate emissions and optimize supply and transportation networks.
Capgemini research shows that small-scale use of these technologies has led to an average 15% reduction in waste over the last 2 years. «To enable companies to create new business models that leverage digital paradigms and in line with sustainability priorities, we believe that product R&D is the new area in which to compete. In order to promote innovation, create new types of customer experiences and create new sources of value for customers, our offering leverages our deep knowledge of different industrial sectors and cutting-edge technological skills in digital and software , as well as on strategic partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud”, comments Eraldo Federici, Manufacturing, aerospace & life sciences Director of Capgemini in Italy. Capgemini is developing products and services with much more digital technology at its core thanks also to the digitalization of the product development, production and operations process, using more software, data, AI, 5G and involving expert talent in the fields of engineering, technology, IT, data and consulting. This generates a large amount of data. The fluidity in the collection and analysis of this data, directly on the product, on the edge of the plant, in the cloud requires new scalability mechanisms to exploit new opportunities and guarantee better operational performance, greater autonomy, bringing innovation to the market.
This is also why two years ago Capgemini completed the acquisition of Altran, one of the world leaders in the field of engineering and R&D; from this operation Capgemini Engineering was born, a structure that includes approximately 55 thousand engineers and innovation experts in over 30 countries around the world, including Italy.
«Thanks to the use of digital solutions that perfect demand forecasting, assortment and stock levels – concludes Federici –, we assist companies in the development and management of new supply chain strategies and, through these technologies we support them in redefining their production processes, with particular focus on workflows, logistics, workplace safety, sustainability; finally, by exploiting the potential offered by connectivity and IoT, we support them in defining processes and tools to manage interaction with end customers”.

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