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How is AWS quantum computing evolving? All the news

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How is AWS quantum computing evolving?  All the news

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During the first day of Re:Invent of Amazon Web Service which is being held every year in Las Vegas, Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President of AWS Utility Computing, announced two interesting aspects of AWS’s work to solve problems that are not currently they still allowed us to build a truly revolutionary quantum computer. First, AWS is testing a chip that can solve major quantum computing problems that should help it figure out how to fix errors — such as switching binary code from 1 to 0 — that occasionally occur when working with queries of quantum computing. DeSantis literally pulled the chip out of his pocket. A ten by ten centimeter golden object based on the Logic Qubit that promises exponential suppression of the number of errors.
“We are still in the early stages, but this chip represents an important step in error correction for quantum computing,” Desantis said. “If quantum computing errors are mitigated, it could pave the way for more usable quantum computing.”

Amazon Braket Direct

The second announcement concerns the availability from today of Braket Direct, a new program from Amazon Braket that allows researchers to reserve the entire machine they need for a defined period of time to run the most complex, long-running and sensitive workloads at the time, or to conduct live events such as training workshops and hackathons. The devices that can be selected are IonQ Aria, QuEra Aquila and Rigetti Aspen-M-3. The idea is that you only pay for what you book for the time needed to carry out the work. Amazon Braket reduces queues and times while providing the ability to connect with experts for guidance on quantum workloads and gain early access to features and devices with limited availability to conduct cutting-edge research on today’s quantum devices. The program is part of the service AWS’ managed quantum computing platform, Amazon Braket, introduced in 2020, which offers on-demand access to various QPUs using public and shared availability windows, where you pay only for the duration of your reservation. Amazon Bracket Direct now allows researchers and enterprises to privately access the full capacity of various quantum processing units (QPUs). Currently, the Direct program supports the reservation of the IonQ Aria, QuEra Aquila and Rigetti Aspen-M-3 quantum computers. The costs are: for IonQ 7,000 dollars per hour, for QuEra Aquila 2,500 dollars per hour. The Aspen-M-3 is priced slightly higher at $3,000 per hour.

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