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How the WhatsApp channels work – TECHBOOK

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How the WhatsApp channels work – TECHBOOK

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger service in the world. Apparently, the provider does not want to rest on their laurels and is now integrating a function into its app that is also known from Telegram.

So far, the WhatsApp messenger has mainly been that: a pure messenger. The provider is expanding its functions with a constant stream of updates. The innovation that has now been announced is one of the biggest in recent years. After the Telegram model, WhatsApp introduces so-called channels. TECHBOOK reveals exactly what this is all about.

WhatsApp announces channels for Messenger

With the planned WhatsApp channels, the messenger should appear even more clearly as a news platform. The service announced this via its blog, among other things. According to WhatsApp, the channels should be a way to “receive important updates from individuals and companies directly (…)”.

The WhatsApp channels are to be organically integrated into the existing app.Photo: TECHBOOK via WhatsApp

The new function will initially start in Singapore and Colombia. Other countries are to follow soon. Only selected organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) can open a channel for the release. WhatsApp seems to be explicitly concerned with generating administrators for the new function. Among other things, the announcement mentions that you can easily build your own business with the channels, for which the payment services of the messenger would then also be available. In some countries such as Brazil, this already includes their own payment service WhatsApp Pay.

This is how the WhatsApp channels work

To use the WhatsApp channels, you have to go to the new tab called “News“. There you will find the “Channels” area, separated from the histories and status messages of existing chats and contacts. As I said, this is not yet possible in Germany.

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There is a large directory so that individual users can find interesting channels. This can be used to filter by specific subject areas or designations. Admins can also promote their channels there. In their channels, the admins can then decide which content appears in the history. These can be private individuals, football clubs or the city administration. If you want to join a WhatsApp channel, you can do so directly via Messenger or via a special invitation link. After 30 days, all the content of a channel will be deleted again; Admins can remove previously shared images, links, or status updates, if appropriate.

In the case of messengers such as WhatsApp, a lack of data protection is also often an issue. To ensure this also with the new channel function, the profiles and linked telephone numbers cannot be viewed – neither by administrators nor by other members of the channel. This is particularly relevant because the channels are not end-to-end encrypted.

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