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How to activate a sim online, the simplest way: also via Spid/Cie

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How to activate a sim online, the simplest way: also via Spid/Cie

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It is becoming easier to activate a SIM online, which we then bought via the operator’s website and which arrived at our home. In fact, the number of operators that allow activation via Spid or Cie (electronic identity card) is growing.

Activate sim via Spid or Cie, advantages and limits

A very convenient system, faster than the other remote activation method, i.e. via video recording and uploading documents online. In short, those who have Spid or a Cie used for online services should prefer this way to activate a SIM. Let’s remember that buying a SIM and a mobile offer online – compared to going to a store – is not only convenient and saves us time; but it also allows us to access discounts or special offers, dedicated to those who do everything via the internet. A channel that is certainly cheaper for the operator to manage than shops. Until now, however, online purchasing had some disadvantages compared to in-store purchasing. To activate a SIM we had to be found by the courier and show an identity document or make an online video recording (a system that the less technological may find complicated). The use of Spid and Cie solves both problems: those who already use these systems will do everything with a few clicks, without video recording or photos and uploading documents. In fact, identification occurs automatically with those digital identity systems. SIM activation also takes place in a few hours – compared to two days for video recording – because the operator will not have to manually verify our videos and documents (some could also make use of facial recognition systems, but they don’t write it). If we have requested number portability, however, we still have to wait for it, about two days; it means that only the SIM with a temporary number will be activated immediately. Furthermore, if we choose to activate an eSim (instead of a physical SIM) we won’t even have to wait for it to be shipped. In short, the “combo” of eSim and Spid allows us for the first time to activate a mobile number from our home in a few hours. It is a pity that at the moment not all operators support digital identity – Wind Tre and Vodafone are absent, among the big names, who have enabled it for now only on sims of low cost brands (Very and Ho). The new method was permitted in October by Agcom (Communications Authority) and is gradually supported by operators. Furthermore, only Fastweb currently allows the use of Cie in addition to Spid, but TIM is in the home stretch.

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Tim in particular allows SIM activation via the MyTim app. We must enter here the tax code data and the serial number (ICCID) of the new SIM (and in case of portability the photo of the old SIM). Here we can choose how to confirm our identity. There is “Identification with SPID”, which allows you to use digital identity, or “Identification with a document”, to use video identification. In the first case we are asked to log in with our Spid credentials to confirm our identity and authorize the operation. We must sign the contract digitally by selecting the signature fields and entering a temporary password which concludes the process. In this way, in case of identification with Spid, the new TIM SIM will be active within a few hours, as mentioned.


Fastweb was the first to introduce this new activation process. And today it is also the only one to allow Cie in addition to Spid. Onattiva.fastweb.it we must enter the Tax Code (or the VAT number in the case of Business customers, in this case the identification procedure must be carried out by the Legal Representative) and the last five digits of the Serial Number (ICCID) of the SIM, present on the back of the card. At this point, a screen appears that allows the new customer to choose the identification method he prefers, between Spid, Cie and video identification. If we have chosen mobile number portability, at the end of the identification we will receive a text message containing the link necessary to complete the request.

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It’s very mobile

Ho, Vodafone’s low-cost brand, accepts activation via Spid via its app, by scanning the serial number. Very Mobile also allows activation via Spid via app or alternatively via website. If we have chosen to do number portability we must photograph the old one and sign the contract.

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