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How to clear background apps on iPhone? 4 tips to close multiple apps and save battery – Mr. Crazy

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How to clear background apps on iPhone? 4 tips to close multiple apps and save battery – Mr. Crazy

**How to Optimize Your iPhone’s Battery Life by Turning Off Background Running Apps**

Every time you open an app on your iPhone and return to the iOS home screen, the actual app will still stay executing in the background. If there are too many apps running permanently, it will easily cause the iPhone’s battery life to increase, and even older phones will freeze when sliding. It crashes or kills the background, so it is necessary to regularly clean up the apps running in the background of the iPhone.

Usually, to clear background apps on iPhone, most of them need to be manually slid and closed one by one. In fact, there are tips to close background running apps faster. You can quickly slide out three apps at once. This article will share four tricks that many people don’t know. Tips for quickly closing background programs and saving battery on iPhone.

### How to turn off background running apps on iPhone?

**Face ID models enter multitasking**
As long as it is iPhone X or subsequent full-screen Face ID models without a physical Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen to enter the background (multitasking page).

**Physical Home button models enter multitasking**
If you are using iPhone SE, iPhone 8 series, iPod Touch or older Touch ID fingerprint recognition models with Home button, to enter the background multitasking interface, you need to double-click “Physical Home button twice” (not touching or tapping) will display the apps currently running in the background.

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Regardless of whether it is an iPhone model with Face ID or Touch ID, the method of closing an app in the background is the same. It is divided into one-hand sliding and three-finger sliding to close. The detailed operation skills are as follows:

**Tip 1. Slide up to remove the background executable program**
Apps currently running in the iPhone background will be displayed, and you can swipe up to close the program you want to close individually.

**Tip 2. Swipe up with three fingers to close multiple background running programs**
In addition, I would like to share a trick to clear iPhone background programs faster. Just slide the App list slightly to the right, touch three App thumbnails with three fingers, and “Slide up”You can close three apps at once, which is more suitable for those who need to close all background programs. This method is faster than sliding them out individually.

### Does turning off background programs on iPhone save or consume more battery?

Many iPhone users may think that if they frequently turn off background programs, the system will run more smoothly and may save power. In fact, in the past, Mr. Crazy analyzed the myth that “frequently turning off background programs on iPhone consumes more power or saves money.” , on the contrary, frequently used Apps often slide out of the background, and opening them again consumes more power. Usually, for social networking software and APP programs that are commonly used every day, it is recommended to run them permanently in the background.

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### How to stop iPhone background program execution?

For apps that are not commonly used, it is recommended to slide them off directly through the iPhone’s multiple backgrounds. It will not take up too much memory. If you are too lazy to slide up and close them manually, you can also use the “Close Background App Refresh” function to avoid backgrounds. The program will be refreshed frequently in the background, which will also save power.
Enter the iPhone built-in “setting」>「generally” and select “Background app rearrangement” function, close the apps that do not need to be constantly refreshed in the background, and only leave the apps that need to receive notifications in real time every day.

So which ones need to be opened? You need to follow your own habits. For example, Mr. Crazy needs to receive notifications immediately, such as LINE, FB, Richart and other applications. Others do not need to be used frequently or can be closed after resetting in the background. Preventing the app from automatically reorganizing in the background can also improve battery consumption.

### Summary of turning off iPhone background execution app program

The above are the methods and techniques for turning off iPhone background programs to solve the system lag problem. If you feel that a certain App consumes a lot of power, it is recommended to directly turn off the “Background App Refresh” function to avoid the background being refreshed all the time. It can reduce power consumption issues caused by some apps.

**More practical tips recommended:** [link to additional tips]

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