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How to know which power supply to get for the PC? Some advices

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How to know which power supply to get for the PC?  Some advices

The power supply is the beating heart of our PC. Often underestimated, it should instead be one of the most delicate choices in configuring a new machine, since the health of the entire computer will also largely depend on it.

The first piece of advice we can give you is to gain awareness and start chewing models and manufacturers, to understand who to trust and do it in the most critical way possible. In our guide to power supplies we have tried to give you the basics to start walking on your own.

After a brief smattering, we can do nothing but advise you to calculate the weightedly PSU size on which to orient yourself, avoiding following online calculators but relying mainly on the advice of the producers.

A very important aspect for those looking for a good user experience is the noisinessboth of the fan and of the components (coil whine). In this regard, community feedback will greatly contribute to giving you an answer once you have narrowed the circle on the most suitable power supplies for your needs.

Once you have chosen the dimensions, you will have to understand how to disentangle yourself from the many power supplies in circulation. The advice we can give you is to rely on the “usual suspects”, especially if produced by OEM come Sirtec o Seasonic, but in general the best advice that can be given in this situation is to entrust yourself to those who do it in a truly professional way and do it in Italy. For this, we suggest you take a look at the complete list compiled by Falco75a true legend in the industry.

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