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How to prove that the AI ​​did not write a text? Chrome takes care of it

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How to prove that the AI ​​did not write a text?  Chrome takes care of it

The debate on chatbots is more heated than ever, between students who copy and teachers who correct with ChatGPT to find out who used it. In short, especially in the education sector, the alert has never been so high; something, however, could change very soon.

Indeed, thanks to an extension for Chrome, it could allow students to “prove” that they have not used chatbots to integrate or copy homework from scratch. As? Through a system capable of recording all the creation dynamics of that particular document on a rather popular text editor: Google Docs.

The Chrome extension is called Draftback and is able to show all the revisions made to a document, resulting largely suggestive of possible copying in the event that… well… the student had pasted entire portions of text.

In this way, even medium-long sentences inserted in an instant in a document could be worthy of suspicion and the teacher would only have to make sure of this by using the same extension too.

Il operation is simple: just install it (here the link to the store page) and new documents in Google Docs will show the message “Draftback” at the top right, near the share button. By pressing it, you will have access to a real time machine that will show us the history of all the changes and any blocks of text glued together.

If, on the other hand, you think that everything goes smoothly in sectors other than teaching, look at the trouble this lawyer for ChatGPT has gotten into.

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