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How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail Trash

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How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail Trash

Those who receive a lot of email often have the habit of delete emails to avoid running out of available storage space.

If you have a Google account and use the Gmail inboxyou have certainly happened to delete one or more emails and, in doing so, you then realized that you had removed a message by mistake.

All deleted emails end up in the Basket of Gmail and remain there for 30 days before being definitively deleted.

Below we will explain how to recover deleted emails from the trash and what to do after thirty days.

Recover deleted Gmail emails from trash

The procedure for recovering a email deleted from Gmail it is very simple and is the same from both the PC browser and the iOS and Android mobile app.

All deleted messages end up in the folder Basket, which contains emails deleted a month ago. If this period has not yet passed, you can intervene directly on the folder by following the following steps:

Sign in to Gmail through your Google account; Move to the folder Basket, which you can find (from the browser) in the menu on the left. You have to click on Other to expand the entries, and then scroll to Basket. Select the deleted email you want to recover and click on the Folder icon containing a small arrow pointing to the right, located at the top center of the screen. Click and then select “Move to Inbox”.

If you want to recover all the emails deleted from the Gmail trash can, select them by clicking on the appropriate box for multiple selection and then click on “Move to Inbox”. All emails will be restored within this folder and accessible again.

Permanently deleted email recovery from trash

Gmail offers the possibility to permanently delete emails from the trash, without waiting 30 days.

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This option is available directly from the Recycle Bin, just open the folder and then click “Empty trash now.” If the item does not appear, select all the emails and then press on “Definitely eliminates” and confirm the operation.

What to do if during this operation you have deleted an important message? Google offers support through the Admin Console, which makes it easier for others to help you 25 days to recover deleted emails definitively and after 30 days.

Once this deadline has expired, it will no longer be possible to restore them, neither by users nor by administrators.

Google also provides a very useful and intuitive message recovery tool, designed to help restore deleted emails due to technical problems or following access to the account by unauthorized persons.

If you have lost emails due to server glitch or unauthorized user access, use Gmail Message Recovery Tool now. You will first have to log in to your Google account from your browser (the one you also use for your email inbox) and then proceed.

In any case, remember that you can always get in touch with Gmail supportfor more information on managing your email inbox, and the recovery options available for your account.

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