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How to request a vehicle license plate…

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How to request a vehicle license plate…

For years now, enthusiasts of vintage cars and vehicles have been clamoring to establish and regularize a process to obtain the original license plates with which their vehicles were registered. Now it becomes reality with the Historical plaques decreestarting from 27 November 2023. Thingshow it works and how to request a plaque.

What is the Historic Plaques Decree

There are many reasons why an owner wants to get the original license plate of their historic vehicle again, from aesthetic effect to interest in collecting. Whatever the reason, the Historical plaques decree aimed at this need finally becomes operational. But what is it?

The Decree in question is the “Ministerial Decree 468 of 21/11/2023 issued by the General Directorate for Motor Vehicles which regulates the operating methods for the issue, pursuant to article 93, paragraph 4, CDS, of the historical license plate for motor vehicles, motor vehicles and agricultural machinery of historical interest and collectibles referred to in article 60 of the Highway Code”.

After being unlocked last August, the Historical plaques decree has been operational since November 27 2023. A first phase of testing is now underway and will last until 5 January 2024.

Alberto Scuro – president of the ASI, Italian Historic Autoclub – commented:

“We are at the final stages of an important path which, together with the institutions involved, leads to significant work to protect historic vehicles. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, with the Minister and Vice-Premier Salvini and his consultant for historic motoring Giovanni Tombolato, the Civil Motorisation, with the attention and competence of the General Director Pasquale D’Anzi, have carried out an entirely anything but trivial, introducing an absolute novelty both at a regulatory and practical application level.

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Historical plaques decree: how to request it?

In the first testing phase of Historical plaques decreewhich will continue until January 5, 2023, the task of issuing the license plates will fall to a small group of professionals chosen by associations in the automotive sector.

Once the first phase has been passed, however, the procedures to request and obtain the historical plaque they will be available at all Motorist Telematic Help Desk and at the Civil Motorization Office.

The procedures, in fact, concern the registration or re-registration of all historic and collectible vehicles that do not require registration with the PRA, the Public Automotive Registry. That is, vehicles that do not need to travel on the road.

The historical plaque, once obtained, is issued together with the original registration document. The original dimensions of the new ones will also be respected historical plaquesrespecting the measures that were once used: 275×285 mm, 200×280 mm or 220×320 mm for the rear license plate and 65×280 mm for the front one.

Who can request a historical plaque?

Ma Who can request a historical plaque? In the meantime, it is important to specify that, with the new Historic License Plate Decree, all vehicles of historic interest in possession of a certificate of historical relevance can request a license plate. issued by law by the ASI, Historic Lancia, Italian Fiat, Italian Alfa Romeo and Historic IMF.

For those vehicles not in possession of a certificate, it is necessary to apply for a new registration, which will be followed by a technical check to ascertain the historical relevance of the car.

Veteran car street cruise on public roads. rear view, sunny summer day

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They are who can request a historical plaque today, the ASI specifies:

The historic plate can be issued to vehicles already registered in Italy and officially deregistered pursuant to Article 96 of the CDS; to those canceled for export pursuant to article 103 of the CDS; to specimens removed for collection in a private area, pursuant to previous legislation, upon request presented for the first time by 26 April 2006; to vehicles deregistered for scrapping, pursuant to previous legislation, before 30 June 1998, with the exception of those for which state contributions have been paid for scrapping; to vehicles registered in Italy and never taken out of circulation, for which re-registration with a historic license plate is requested; to vehicles without license plates and circulation documents, when they are neither deregistered nor subsequently re-registered in Italy.

How much does it cost to request historical plaques?

Once seen how to request a license plate with the Historical plaques decree through the established process we see the costs necessary for the release. So how much does it cost to request a historical plaque?

The release is subject to the payment of 549 euro for cars and 274,50 for motorbikes and agricultural vehicles. The price includes the production cost and the increase in share to be allocated exclusively to the activities envisaged by the art. 208, paragraph 2, of the Highway Code.

Payment for the release of historical plaques it is carried out exclusively with a PagoPa slip, which is generated by the payments platform of the Department of Sustainable Mobility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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