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How to summarize a text with ChatGPT, the best tips and tricks

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How to summarize a text with ChatGPT, the best tips and tricks

In this guide I show you the best tricks to summarize texts with ChatGPT as if you were a professional. ChatGPT can help you summarize a text easily.

How to summarize texts in ChatGPT step by step
Before analyzing different examples of how to translate texts in ChatGPT I share with you the list of steps that will allow you to carry out this task with the OpenAI chatbot.

Summarize texts with ChatGPT: practical examples
Large language models have become one of the most interesting emerging technologies of the moment. There are many who try to make money with ChatGPT, either by improving their productivity or completely delegating some of your tasks to AI. Although it still has a long way to go and many improvements to implement, ChatGPT is capable of summarizing texts very successfully.

Summaries with specific lengths
You can ask the chatbot that the summary has a certain number of words. As mentioned earlier, this task is available in either GPT-3.5, the free model, or GPT-4, the more advanced model that is included in the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Get a simplified explanation
Another curious function of ChatGPT is to simplify a text to the point that it is understandable for a 5-year-old.

Convert text into a simplified list of points
It is also possible to convert a very long text into a list of points. This allows you to organize large amounts of information.

Summary and direct translation
In addition to summarizing a text, you can ask ChatGPT to present the result to you in the language you want.

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Turn heavy text into a fun story
The Google history text that I am using to create this guide is very interesting. However, as it is written on Wikipedia, it is somewhat heavy. Why not ask ChatGPT to turn it into a story that’s easy to read?

Summarize a text by adding additional information
The last trick that I show you is used to summarize texts and, at the same time, add new information to the result.

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