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Huawei Watch GT 4 arrives, the designer smartwatch for better living

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Huawei Watch GT 4 arrives, the designer smartwatch for better living

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The title of the presentation event held in Barcelona, ​​”Fashion Forward”, hinted for days that the Chinese company had in store a product announcement very oriented towards the combination of technology, fashion and style. To properly celebrate its first ten years in the world of wearable devices and claim a leading role in the field of wearable technologies, Huawei has unveiled the Watch GT 4, the latest addition to its top-of-the-range series. new smart watch is immediately available for purchase on the official online store starting from 249.90 euros for the 46mm Black Rubber men’s version with fluoroelastomer strap up to 399.99 for the 41mm Silver model more suitable for women with stainless steel strap and gold finishing.

Style rhymes with versatility

The slogan that accompanies the debut of the Watch GT 4 can be summarized as follows: focus on the person’s healthier lifestyle habits and at the same time maximum attention to the aesthetic component, which translates into the classic design of traditional watches and the possibility of choosing between a dial with an octagonal bezel and a glamorous pendant inspired by luxury jewellery. In short, a fashion gadget that changes its face, combining quality materials with the plus of versatility (different case and strap configurations available) to enhance the identity of the product and meet the user’s lifestyle. In fact, it is also possible to customize the watch display according to your taste and experiment with different solutions by choosing from over 25 thousand dials available via the Huawei Health app.

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More intelligence for well-being and health control

Having said that the software update of the Armony OS interface for Android and iOS is already downloadable, the new watch presents itself as a device capable of actively managing the status of one’s well-being, starting with greater precision in heart rate monitoring cardiac, entrusted to artificial intelligence, to arrive at the enhancement of the functions dedicated to the control of physical activity, sleep cycles and the menstrual cycle. Among the features of the Watch GT 4, the TruSeen technology for real-time verification of vital parameters does not go unnoticed: now in version 5.5+, it incorporates a multiple-channel signal improvement system based on a proprietary deep learning algorithm. Among the projects under development based on the capabilities of AI and linked to the topic of personal health, the analysis of the body’s behavior at high altitude stands out.

Images of Huawei Watch GT 4

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The new features for fitness and sport

The Watch GT 4, as the product managers say, is also a perfect companion for training, displaying your daily statistics (calories burned, exercise duration and activity while standing) and keeping track of your exercises of fitness carried out daily to complete the three activity rings available. Another declared advantage of the new smartwatch is the over 100 sports modes that can be monitored for calculating performance, physical status and intelligent calorie management, with the absolute novelties of padel and e-sports. Hikers and runners can also take advantage of five-system dual-band high-precision GNSS tracking that improves positioning accuracy by 30% compared to previous models, even when running in the city and the structural density could potentially hinder the signal reception. The presence of a new “sunflower” antenna, the most performing of all Huawei wearables, promises advanced tracking capabilities in this sense, facilitating the ideal orientation of the device towards the satellite. Finally, battery life is guaranteed to last 14 days for typical use with all the new features.

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