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i prototipi Uber Eats per le strade d…

Uber Eatsin collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric and the autonomous robotics startup Cartkenis about to introduce sidewalk robot a autonomous driving in the streets of Tokyo, for the food delivery. And Japan isn’t the only country starting to use small autonomous vehicles to bring pizzas, burgers and sushi directly to customers. But does this mean that we will soon open the door of our house to collect takeaway food from the hands of a robot?

Food delivery robots: Uber Eats prototypes on the streets of Tokyo

Uber Eats wants to automate home deliveries in Tokyo, relying on autonomous sidewalk robots. The project, as TechCrunch explains, was born in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric e Cartken, a company founded in 2019 by former Google employees — who have already worked on similar projects in Virginia and California in the USA. The service will see the light by the end of March in a selected area of ​​the Japanese metropolis.

The heart of this robotic revolution is the Model C Of Cartkenan autonomous sidewalk robot equipped with a 27 liter insulating container. With a speed of approx 5.3 kilometers per hour, this robot uses advanced sensors and cameras to detect, perceive and navigate its environment. Furthermore, it is also possible to monitor and guide the robot remotely through a teleoperation system.

Shoji Tanakasenior general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced applications development center, highlighted that the use of delivery robots will also allow food delivery within buildings and factories, integrating with smart building systems.

Will tomorrow’s deliveries be made by drones and robots?

The one that Uber Eats will activate in Japan it’s just one of many tests using robots and drones for deliveries. Already at the beginning of 2019, Startship Technologies had started a test for robotic deliveries within George Mason University. And with the onset of the pandemic, other companies such as Kiwibot and Grubhub with Yandex had started similar services in different units in the US and UK.

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Just last year we saw Uber Eats activate its services (this time in partnership with Serve Robotics) in California, with similar technologies — and a robot whose headlights look like eyes. Level 4 autonomous driving technology allows the robot to navigate the streets, connecting over 200 restaurants after more than a year of testing in West Hollywood.

Also Bolt launched its own version of the robot, with Starship Technologies, starting deliveries at Tallinn, in Estonia. Estonian users could open the robot’s lunchbox with a digital key on the app.

In addition to food deliveries, Amazon is using Scout robots in some areas, alongside drone deliveries. Does this mean that, soon, all deliveries will take place automatically? Realistically, no. The first tests started on university campuses because the environment is easily controllable: straight roads without traffic, buildings spaced apart and easy to reach even on wheels. In cities, the situation becomes more complicated. It adds to this the high cost of these devices, which cannot meet all the needs. This is why all these activities are currently being tested.

If you go to Tokyo, Los Angeles or Tallinn, it will not be easy to test robot deliveries: they are not yet fully operational. And whether they will ever be able to do so will depend not only on the advancement of technology, but also on market reasons. When i robots will work well and cost little, they will be ideal for food delivery. In the meantime, we will continue to give riders the tip they deserve.

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