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If Apple slows down on the electric car it’s because it wants to accelerate on AI

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If Apple slows down on the electric car it’s because it wants to accelerate on AI

Behind the choice to set aside “Project Titan”the dream of producing an electric car that Apple has been cultivating for ten years, there is the choice of Tim Cook to accelerate elsewhere. Most of the 2,000 employees working on the electric vehicle – of which no significant progress has been recorded since the Covid-19 pandemic – will in fact be moved to the division of the company that deals with artificial intelligence.

Cook’s move sent Apple’s stock price up 8%. Proof of the fact that investors are pushing for the Cupertino company to recover the advantage gained so far by Google, Microsoft and Samsung in the sector of generative AI, a technology capable of creating texts, images and even videos as humans would.

The ten years that Apple spent on its car, Google spent them developing artificial intelligence, the flagship of which is the new generative AI called Gemini. The Mountain View company strengthened in 2014 with the acquisition of DeepMindone of the most advanced research laboratories in the world on neural networks inspired by the functioning of the human brain.

Microsofton the other hand, has invested thirteen billion dollars in artificial intelligence since 2019 OpenAIwhich last November ChatGpt revealed. Also by virtue of this partnership, Microsoft became, last January, the public company with the highest market value in the world. A record stolen from Apple.

The Apple also finds itself chasing Samsungwhich presented its first last January “AIPhone”. The new Galaxy S24, in fact, is equipped with generative AI tools that allow you to summarize or complete texts and edit images.

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The vibrancy of competitors in the AI ​​business forced Tim Cook to reassure shareholders: “As we look to the future, we will continue to invest in technologies that will shape the future – said the Apple CEO commenting on the company’s recent financial results – Including artificial intelligence, to which we continue to dedicate an enormous amount of time and I commit. We will be excited to share the details of our work later this year.”

Insiders claim that iOS 18 will offer the most relevant updates in the history of Apple’s operating system. Many of these will concern the artificial intelligence that the Cupertino company is working on, which many – inspired by OpenAI’s ChatGpt – have named “Apple Gpt”.

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