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IFA, a rebranding for the 100th anniversary…

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IFA, a rebranding for the 100th anniversary…

On the occasion of his 100th anniversarythe world‘s largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances, IFAcomes with a new logo design and an extensive rebranding process that goes beyond a simple visual restyling.

IFA, a rebranding for the 100th anniversary

In the last six months, IFA Management GmbH has begun a process of redesigning the entire IFA brand. He entrusted the task to the agency Hight Snobietyspecialized not only in communication, but also recognized in the field of lifestyle and fashion.

The rebrand pays homage to the origins of the IFA brand, whilst incorporating future relevance. But it also talks about the history of the fair. For example, a historic milestone of the IFA, the launch of the color television in West Germany in 1967, served as inspiration for the development of a color scheme similar to the TV test parameters. A tribute to an important innovation in consumer electronics from the past, while keeping it current, contemporary and future-oriented.

The new design caters equally to both consumer electronics and home appliances, reflecting the broadening of the perspective for the fair. But without forgetting the origins. In fact, the name “Internationale Funkausstellung” (International Radio Fair) from which the three letters of IFA are derived has been reinterpreted as “Innovation for everyone” (Innovation for all).

In the coming months we will therefore see a change in the graphic and communication language of IFA. But it will still remain an important technological hub. An event not to be missed – which we can’t wait to tell you about.

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