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Iliad, Tim, Vodafone and WindTre: how the parental control of telephone operators is activated

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Iliad, Tim, Vodafone and WindTre: how the parental control of telephone operators is activated

The so-called State parental control (things?) it is closely linked to the telephone operators: it must be activated through them and they are responsible for blocking prohibited and unwanted sites.

It tends to be activated on the SIM cards of smartphones entrusted to minors, but nothing prevents you from having it on your home connection too, which is always provided by the various operators: in this case, obviously, the restrictions apply to all people and all devices connected via WiFi to that network. To understand: if you browse with your PC or Mac through a home connection on which these restrictions are active, the prohibited sites cannot be reached. Even if it’s an adult surfing.

We explain below how to activate parental controls of State through the various operators, listed in alphabetical order; immediately below, however, are the links to access the guides for specific protections for operating systems.

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How to activate parental control on Iliad SIMs

Through the Iliad you access the Personal Area of ​​the site (Who)log in with your credentials and at the top you will see a banner indicating that the company “makes McAfee Safe Family available to all its users free of charge”, an app that it can be installed on your daughter or son’s smartphone to activate the parental control features.

After clicking on Request it here you arrive on a page that reminds you that the app allows you to “monitor and block browsing on unsafe or unsuitable apps and sites, set time limits on the use of apps (such as games or social networks, ed.)” and also “locate the devices on which the app is installed, receiving notifications when they are reached or left usual places (like school or a friend’s house, ed.)”.

The activation of the is confirmed service, which is free (usually has a monthly cost of 6.99 euros) and after a few minutes you can click on the left, on the item My optionsscroll to the bottom, click on McAfee Safe Family and find yourself in front of the link to download the app and also the promotional code to enter for activation. On Android the app is just called Safe Family and it works installed first on the parent’s smartphone, who will have to create an account and then define the navigation rules; you can subsequently download and install it on the devices you intend to monitor, by logging in with the created parent account and completing the configuration by following the steps indicated.

How to activate parental control on Tim SIMs

The company offers various modes related to parental control and protection of minors: the most immediate is to subscribe to the Junior offer dedicated to minors which includes the Safe Navigation App service (created in collaboration with F-Secure) to protect the little ones from the dangers of the Web both when they browse using the mobile network and when they are connected to a public wifi using a VPN (what is it?).

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Service it is activated like this:

once signed the Junior offera first SMS is sent to inform you that the Safe Navigation App service has been activated correctly;

a later one SMS includes a download link of the Safe Navigation app and the credentials to access the service (telephone number with which the service was purchased, including the international prefix, and password) which will also be used for access via the Web from a PC or mobile;

only after having downloaded the appthe parent will be able to proceed with configuring the service on the mobile device or use the license on other mobile or fixed devices, such as PC or Mac.

Yes for one new SIM entrusted to a minor if you choose not to use the Junior plan, the Safe Navigation for Children service will instead be automatically activated, which is the same that you can have on existing SIM cards by calling 119, asking for it at points of sale or online, in the section of the site dedicated to minors. Also in this case it allows you to automatically block navigation on sites unsuitable for use by a minor.

Among other things, Tim includes the service Safe Browsing (in this case developed with Akamai) also in the mobile and fixed offers designed for an adult audience in the 5G Power and Wi Power range. However, the service has a different focus: it guarantees complete and automatic protection against malware, phishing, ransomware and spyware (without any action on the part of the customer). Once the offer has been activated, you can access the Safe Browsing control console and change the settings from site (accessible after logging in with MyTIM credentials) by selecting the categories to which you want to inhibit access or limit the time slots and time of use.

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The SIM navigation block for minors, the age limit is decided by the operators by Simone Cosimi 09 November 2023

How to activate parental control on Vodafone SIMs

The company explained to us that “on the offers dedicated to minors already active the filter is pre-activated and can only be deactivated by the parent/guardian” and that “starting from 20 November, Vodafone will make the new dedicated Red Max under 18 offer available to all minors, which can be subscribed to as a new activation by all young people up to the age of 18”, with the parental control function pre-activated.

The offer Red Max under 18 it can be activated by the minor only in the shop in the presence of the parent or guardian, who is the only one who can change the configuration of the lock and can deactivate it via PIN; the minor cannot deactivate the filter.

In addition, the parental control service is also available for adult customers, who can request its activation free of charge by contacting the call center on 190: following the instructions of the digital assistant and requesting the activation of parental control, you will be put in contact with an operator who will manage the request; parental controls are activated on the SIM within 24 hours.

Finally, as mentioned, also the customers holders of landline telephony offers can use parental control for free: in this case, the service is provided via the F-Secure app. To request the service, customers must contact customer service on 190 and via registration link it will be possible to install and configure the app for free on the device you wish to protect; as soon as the app is configured, the protection is immediately active.

How to activate parental control on WindTre SIMs

With WindTre you have to act to deactivate rather than activate: the company explained to us that “on the SIMs registered in the name of minors or with offers dedicated to them we have activated automatically and free of charge (as required by law, ed.) the Minors Protection Service to block online access to content that is prohibited or unsuitable for their age”. Furthermore, starting from November 13th, all new activations of registered mobile users to minors, directly or indirectlyprovide for the free and automatic activation of the same service.

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WindTre has among other things predicted that categories cannot be disablednot even individually, until they reach the age of majority: upon reaching 18 years of age, the parent who owns the SIM can request unblocking by calling 159 (obviously a minimum amount of identification is required) and deactivation can only be requested if the actual user has become of agewhile the adult who has requested blocking can clearly request its deactivation at any time.

In detail, the procedure to deactivate the Child Protection Service on SIM cards registered to adults is this: phone call to number 159 or letter to PO Box 159 (Wind Tre SpA – CD Milano Recapito Baggio – Casella Postale 159 – 20152 Milan), or PEC to [email protected], specifying in the subject Deactivation of Minors Protection and attaching a front/back copy of an identity document of the SIM holder.

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