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Improve your posture with the use of a vertical mouse

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Improve your posture with the use of a vertical mouse

Il mouse it is an indispensable accessory for moving the PC cursor and it is essential as an alternative to the touchpad, which for some people may be impractical. For this reason, most computer owners buy a mouse, often of the traditional type, and run into pain caused by by the continuous movement with the hand up and down.

To address this problem, in recent years, i vertical micewhich are designed to reduce pain, but also the injuries and wrists and arms that occur with theprolonged use of horizontal mice. Most muscle pains are, in fact, caused bycontinuous use of the classic mouse. A real problem for those who spend several hours at the PC for work. This device is in fact indicated for those who want to reduce health problems related to posture, due to the traditional mouse. The latter are in fact designed in horizontal shape and force the user into a hand and arm position unnatural and stiff.

How a vertical mouse is made and how it works

These mice, called ergonomic, have a longer and wider shape and are developed in height. The upper part of the device is tilted to the right or left and this position allows the hand to be positioned more vertically with respect to the support surface. This allows to reduce the twisting of the wrist and thefinger extension, avoiding fatigue or pain caused by hand stiffness. The right (or left) side of the mouse is positioned higher than the opposite side, so that you facilitate the natural grip and position your wrist and forearm in a more relaxed manner. Some of these come with padded palm rests or thumb rests, which make it even more comfortable to grip, while others have side buttons and a scroll wheel that make it easier to navigate.

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How to choose the vertical mouse that best suits your needs

Vertical mice are of different types and cater to the different needs of the buyers.

As mentioned, the features of these mice they are different from the traditional ones, but other functions that distinguish a good device are more or less the same. First of all, we must focus on those who have one optimal precision and sensitivity, which is expressed in DPI. This indicates the speed to move the cursor on the screen, making work and navigation more precise and faster, without jerks.

Another aspect is the choice of connection technology. They are of two types, wired or wireless (these in turn with different ways of connecting). Those looking for a wireless mouse value convenience, but at the same time they are looking for one recharge that lasts a long time. Being right-handed or left-handed also influences the purchase of a PC mouse, since most left-handed people find it uncomfortable and unnatural to use the right hand to move the cursor. There have also been left-handed or ambidextrous devices on the market for several years.

The best vertical mice on the market

Definitely one of the best vertical mice is the Trust Verto, an ergonomic and wireless mouse that gives relief to those who work for hours at the PC. Thanks to its shape, the arm and wrist maintain a more elevated position, reducing forearm muscle pain. What makes this mouse stand out is its lightweight design and thumb rest. Its rubber handle also facilitates grip and comfort during use. Its sensor has three levels of Dpi, 800, 1200 and 1600. These sensors raise its accuracy and speed and are also suitable for those who work. The Trust Verto connects to the PC through a USB receiver and is also perfect for Macs. To install it no drivers needed or additional software and has two AAA batteries in the box that ensure a long charge. Another interesting mouse is the Trust Voxx, we had just tried it in this article.

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Another good vertical mouse is the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse. This mouse reduces muscle activity by up to 10% compared to a horizontal one, thanks to a 57° angle that reduces pressure on the wrist. This mouse also comes with a thumb rest and is very accurate.

Also from the house is the Logitech Lift, one of the latest compact and modern wireless vertical mice. In addition to the ergonomic design, it is a light and easy to handle mouse. It has six keys and can be set via an app where you can change the button layout for those who are left-handed.

The sign Mouse Verticale it is another good ergonomic device with a 2.4Ghz radio frequency. Its precision is very high, with a DP1 at 2000. It is equipped with a mini USB device that allows connection to the PC. Its side buttons make it very comfortable and it has an energy saving capacity after only 8 minutes of inactivity. Thanks to its design it allows you to stretch the tendons.

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