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In ten years, [email protected] has brought more than 3,000 indie games to Xbox – yqqlm

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In ten years, ID@Xbox has brought more than 3,000 indie games to Xbox – yqqlm

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Article: Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cn

[email protected], Microsoft’s indie publishing program, has helped bring countless indie titles to Xbox consoles since its creation. But how many are there, you ask? In honor of the program’s tenth anniversary, Microsoft shared some details about the matter.

It was announced that [email protected] has accounted for bringing more than 3,000 indie games to the Xbox console over the years, and that Microsoft has invested more than $4 billion to help developers achieve this feat.

But just because the program has been a huge success doesn’t mean Microsoft and Xbox are slowing down anytime soon, as it has now been announced that a new process is being launched that will help indie developers submit their games for consideration for on the Game Pass franchise and get feedback from decision makers at Xbox on their shared concepts.

This is also on top of the recently launched new [email protected] Developer Acceleration Program, which will seek further financial support to port their projects to consoles and more. You can read more about it here.

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