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Incredibly bright! Xiaomi monitor lamp for €55 breaks light record in test

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Incredibly bright!  Xiaomi monitor lamp for €55 breaks light record in test

Monitor lamps are no longer an insider tip. Fortunately! The practical lamps in an elongated cylinder format clip onto the monitor to save space, draw power directly from the monitor’s USB-A port and, in the best case scenario, cast a glare-free, bright light onto the desk. You can hardly imagine better desk lighting.


The new Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp (MJGJD02YL) is brighter than its predecessor (MJGJD01YL) and even brighter than the Benq Screenbar Halo (test report), which is three times more expensive. This makes it one of the best screen bars ever and still currently only costs 55 Euro. The rest is largely identical to its predecessor. The workmanship is high quality, the look is really good apart from the slanting USB-C cable, the remote control is useful and the holder is flexible. This makes the Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp one of the best monitor lamps you can currently buy.


The Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp (MJGJD02YL) costs 55 euros at Banggood. Shipped from China. Other retailers also offer the monitor lamp. However, you should definitely pay attention to the exact product name MJGJD02YL, the revised Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp is brighter than its predecessor (MJGJD01YL), which costs around 46 euros at Banggood. There is also a version with the product name MI-BHR4838GL, which we have not tested.


The new variant has changed little in terms of appearance and workmanship compared to the older Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp. That’s not a bad thing, after all, these categories are among the light’s strengths. Again, the screen bar is 45 centimeters long and has a diameter of 2 centimeters. Once again it consists predominantly of matt black metal.

The cylinder with the LEDs adheres magnetically to the holder and the beam angle can be easily adjusted. The holder is also well thought out. It clamps easily to monitors with a thickness of 1 centimeter to 3.3 centimeters. Thicker monitors have a problem with it.

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As with its predecessor, the included USB cable for the power supply protrudes upwards at a slightly awkward angle. It’s a shame that Xiaomi hasn’t improved this. This time the USB cable is black and no longer red. This is just a small thing and can basically be ignored. Nevertheless, we liked the red version a little better. If you want, you can swap it for any USB-A to USB-C cable.

remote control

The remote control is also almost identical to the other variant of the Xiaomi light. It is the only way to control the screen bar; there are no buttons on the light itself. The puck-shaped unit is reminiscent of the remote control of the Benq Screenbar Halo (test report), but is easier to use. This is also because you don’t have to rotate the top 360 degrees around its own axis like with Benq to get from the brightest to the darkest setting. Around 180 degrees is enough here. The color temperature is adjusted when the user presses and rotates at the same time. A simple press turns the light on and off. A long press activates automatic mode, in which brightness and color temperature adapt to the environment.

Even though the remote control is really good, we hardly used it in everyday life. Finally, the power supply of the Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp depends on the monitor and switches itself on and off with it.

Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp pictures

Xiaomi Mi 1S Monitorlampe


The Xiaomi Mi 1S is the brightest monitor lamp we have tested so far. We measured 1550 lux using a smartphone app and at a distance of around 50 centimeters. This is not an absolute value, but it helps to compare the brightness with that of other screen bars we tested. The Benq Screenbar Halo (test report) only has 1500 lux – it was the brightest light to date. The predecessor Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp (test report) reaches 1400 lux. These are all top values. For comparison: The actually good, but far too dark Ledvance Sun@Home (test report) only reaches 100 lux.

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In our opinion, the new Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp achieves its very high luminous efficacy not through better, more efficient or simply more LEDs, but through light bundling. The light distribution is not as even as with the Benq Halo, but it illuminates an easily adjustable strip particularly brightly.

The beam angle has hardly changed compared to its predecessor. Again, it’s less sharp than we would like. However, this doesn’t bother you in everyday life. The Xiaomi Mi 1S monitor lamp neither blinds the user nor is its light reflected in the monitor.

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