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INIU MagPro in the test, the best wireless charger for the iPhone! Up to 15W!

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INIU MagPro in the test, the best wireless charger for the iPhone!  Up to 15W!

With the MagPro, INIU is initially offering an interesting wireless charger via Kickstarter.

Not only does this look pretty stylish, but above all it should achieve a very high charging speed in combination with the iPhone! INIU advertises a higher charging speed than the original Apple MagSafe charger.

This is said to be due, among other things, to an integrated fan, which is also supposed to protect the battery.

Sounds interesting! Let’s take a look at the INIU MagPro charger in the test.

At this point, many thanks to INIU for providing the MagPro for this test.

INIU MagPro im Test

The INIU MagPro is a 2-in-1 wireless charger. This consists of two parts, the actual wireless charger in a “puck shape”, like a holder.

The puck can be inserted into this holder to charge your smartphone while standing.

This attaches itself magnetically to your iPhone. Accordingly, the iPhone is held securely on the charging station and yes, the magnets are very strong!

Of course, this also works if you use the wireless charger outside of the charging station.

In terms of quality, the whole construction appears to be very good and of high quality.

With permanently integrated cable

A USB-C cable is firmly integrated into the wireless charging pad/charging puck. This cable is approx. 1.5 m long and beautifully textile-coated.

I don’t think I have any concerns about durability.

3000 RPM fan

A special feature of the INIU MagPro is a fairly large fan on the back. This is said to rotate up to 3000x per minute and is therefore comparatively “powerful”.

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In principle, a fan in a wireless charging pad can make sense. Heat development is a big problem with wireless charging and can theoretically even reduce the life expectancy of the battery.

In practice this probably won’t be a huge factor, but it can still cause some smartphones to charge a little slower than they should in order to keep temperatures under control.

The fan noise is not a problem so far. This hums like a mini PC or notebook when idle. So it’s not annoying in an office or normal room.

Fan can be switched off

If you are worried that the fan on the bedside table, for example, is annoying you, then I can reassure you a little.

The charging pad has a button on the back to turn off the fan.

Charger required

To use the INIU MagPro, you need a USB-C power supply with 20W or more.

Up to 15W with the iPhone!

In principle, the newer iPhones can charge wirelessly with up to 15W. However, this only applies to the original Apple MagSafe charger!

With universal wireless chargers, the iPhone reaches a maximum of 7.5W. This is an important limitation.

Excitingly, the INIU MagPro in combination with the iPhone 15 Pro Max achieves up to 19.x W from the power supply.

Accordingly, +- 15W will charge the iPhone here!

This is the first 3rd vendor charger I’ve seen to date that does this. Effectively, a 0% to 100% charge takes +- 1:55 hours.

With a universal charger you have to reckon with approx. 2:30h to 2:45h.


The INIU MagPro is super exciting, especially because of the high performance in combination with the iPhone!

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This is the first 3rd provider wireless charger where I was able to really observe the full 15W charging speed in combination with the iPhone.

The built-in fan also does a good job of cooling the charging pad and thus the iPhone, which potentially improves the durability of the battery. The fan is not overly loud, but if it bothers you, you can turn it off.

The flexible design, where you can choose whether you want to charge your smartphone standing or lying down, is great.

In short, this is the best third-party wireless charger for the iPhone that I’ve had my hands on so far!

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