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Instagram Notes arrive in Italy: what they are and how they work

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Instagram Notes arrive in Italy: what they are and how they work

They are called Notes and not Notes (this is their name in English) and they are yet another Instagram’s attempt to remain among the social networks that counttaking some inspiration from the competition.

This time, however, it is not in the viewfinder TikTokwith its vertical videos and its seemingly infallible algorithm, but the old and stainless Twitter.

Below, let’s see how the Instragram Notes work, which are slowly becoming also available in Italy.

New functions

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by Emanuele Capone

What are Instagram Notes for?

Through the Notes you can leave a text message to other people (a note, in fact), which they will only be able to see it for 24 hoursexactly the duration of a Story.

The reference to Twitter is twofold: it is text and not images and it is about a text that cannot exceed a certain length, i.e. 60 characters. There’s a reason for this brevity, and that brings us to our next point.

How to use Notes on Instagram

At the moment, the Notes are a bit hidden and are accessible only from Directthe section of the Instagram app dedicated to messages: both on Android and iOS, click on the top right, you arrive in the list of open chats and at the top you will see your face and that of the profiles you follow.

What you have to do is tap your profile picturetouch Leave a note and then precisely write a text of no more than 60 characters. Then you can choose whether to share the note only with your closest friends or with the followers you follow: unlike Stories, the Notes are not public and visible to all.

After touching Sharethe note appears as a balloon above your face (but only in the Direct section), which is perhaps one of the reasons for the tax shortness, and will stay there for 24 hours. If anyone were to answera chat will be born equal to all the other chats on Instagram.

After leaving a note, you can of course cancel (click on the note and then Remove) or also replace with another (click on the note and then Leave a new note).


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