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Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S and 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S Processor News

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Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S and 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S Processor News

The news of Intel’s 14th generation Meteor Lake-S and 15th generation Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs has been revealed, including information on various models, core counts, TDP and integrated display configurations.

Details of their 14th and 15th gen desktop CPUs have leaked, according to Intel internal charts. According to previous reports, Intel is preparing a new socket called V, which will provide support for at least two generations of desktop CPUs, namely Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S. The socket is very similar in size to the existing LGA 1700/1800 socket, but will offer more pins and add support for new/enhanced features.

Based on leaked sources, it looks like Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S desktop CPUs will take a step back and reduce the number of P-Cores while preserving the number of E-Cores. The products listed in the chart include five different model configurations, with the top-of-the-line model having 22 cores, made up of 6 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores. The P cores on the Meteor Lake CPUs use the new Redwood Cove architecture, while the E cores will use the Crestmont design. As Coelacanth-Dream reported a few days ago, both are new and improved architectures. The full configuration list includes:

  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe Cores / 125W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe 核心 / 65W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe 核心 / 35W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 14 (6P + 8E) / 4 Xe cores / 65WTDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 14 (6P + 8E) / 4 Xe cores / 35WTDP

In addition to the models, it is also understood that all models will feature at least 4 Xe cores for the iGPU, which will provide 64 execution units (512 ALUs). That’s only 2 Xe cores less than the DG2-powered Arc A310 graphics card, which is the lowest-end discrete graphics card in the series, but an integrated GPU with such power will compete with the RDNA 2 iGPU on the AMD Ryzen 7000 desktop . Only the top die configuration will have a 125W unlocked model series, while the rest will come in standard non-K and T series with 65W and 35W TDP.

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Then we see the 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs, which will bring back the 24 cores we get on Raptor Lake CPUs today. The Arrow Lake-S top-of-the-line product will have 24 cores, which will be 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency and a new combination. Here is the full model list for the series:

  • Arrow Lake-S 24 (8P + 16E) / 4 Xe cores / 125W TDP
  • Arrow Lake-S 24 (8P + 16E) / 4 Xe cores / 65W TDP
  • Arrow Lake-S 24 (8P + 16E) / 4 Xe cores / 35W TDP

The difference with Meteor Lake-S is that all configurations are 24-core chips, the only difference is the TDP itself. These chips are likely to be derived from lower core count models. Intel also appears to be keeping the four Xe cores from the Meteor Lake offering, but these are expected to feature the new Arc display architecture.

It’s uncertain whether Intel will keep the number of ALUs and EUs as existing Alchemist chips on its future integrated GPUs, but Arrow Lake-P products are expected to offer up to 2,560 Xe cores, which is a 5x increase from the previous ones. In a recent investor conference call, Intel said they were going very well with Intel 4 and Intel 3 products. The 14th generation Meteor Lake mass production is scheduled to be delivered this quarter, with mass production in 2023, and Intel 3 is also expected to enter early production by the end of 2023.


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