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Intel Core i9-13900KS physical SP data public

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Intel Core i9-13900KS physical SP data public

Some interesting rules and data can be found in the physical fitness (SP) data compiled by Xaver Amberger of Igor’sLAB through 199 Intel Core i9-13900KS processors.

To put it simply, the i9-13900KS is actually the i9-13900K, but the premise is that the V/F curve of the CPU must be lower than 1.49 V at 6.0 GHz. If the K/KF processor at hand is VID at 6.00 GHz If it is lower than 1.49V, it means that this processor has a quality close to KS, which is also called Silicon Lottery in the past.

In addition, what is interesting is that the 13900K of the same SP 100 is still slightly inferior to the 13900KS, mainly because each core has its own V/F curve and VID, but the VID of the KS processor at 6.0 GHz is all the same, which means that the motherboard is adjusted in voltage. The amplitude is smaller, so there is more stable performance under high load.

The data test is to use Asus Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard and BIOS to provide Silicon Prediction (SP) prediction value, and compare CPU, P-Core, E-Core and 13900K / KF / KS and other physiques.

First of all, the SP physique distribution of i9-13900KS, the highest SP is 116, the lowest is 101, and the average is 108. The difference between the highest and the lowest is only 15 points, but the highest and lowest difference between K and KF is 24 and 25 points. Big.

Comparing the SP data with i9-13900K / KF / KS, it can be seen that KS has a better overall physical fitness than K and KF on average, and it is not too difficult to find the average SP level of KS among K and KF, but it depends on you Is it that “Akimori Man”?

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Thanks to Igor’sLAB for carefully sorting out the SP data. Interested players can refer to the original article, which also contains explanations about the processor MC SP, but in short, MC SP is not very useful. In addition, the original information is provided at the end of the original article for players to use. Exploration, interested players please refer to the source link.

source: igorslab.de

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