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Ios 16: the 6 most interesting features of the Iphone update

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Ios 16: the 6 most interesting features of the Iphone update

The final version of iOS 16, the operating system for the iPhone, is available from Monday 12 September presented by Apple last June during the developer conference. The operating system was already available in final version from the day before for those who joined the public beta.

To update the device (which is only possible for iPhones XS onwards) it is necessary to be connected to a wifi network and it is advisable to first make a backup of the device (which is done this way). You see the app open Settingsthe section General and from here Software update: the phone searches for new updates and provides the ability to download iOS 16 which, depending on the model and the version previously installed, has a size between 3 and 5 GB.

But what are the main functions of Apple’s new operating system? After this summer we tried the preliminary version for a long timewe indicate what we think are the 6 most interesting.

The bills in your pocket

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Close the rings without a watch

In a path of partial emancipation of iPhone users who want to improve fitness even without having an Apple Watch, now not only will it be You can join Apple Fitness + without needing the watch Apple, but also close the business rings without the need for the service. So, with iOS 16 it is possible to use the motion sensors and the accelerometer to collect information related to daily activities and calculate (for example) the steps taken and the calories burned.

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Edit or delete messages already sent

Apple’s SMS app has a double function: messages verdi are traditional SMS to phones that do not support iMessage, while those blu are those to other iPhones with active iMessage. A kind of WhatsApp that also allows you to make group chats, send videos and photos and start an audio or video call with Facetime. Now, among iMessage users it is also possible to do two more actions: the first is edit messages already sent and in which perhaps a word has been wrong (or one too many has been written); the second is delete messages already sent. There are some limitations: you can only make up to 5 edits per message within 15 minutes of it being sent, and users of iOS 15 and earlier actually receive a sequence of messages saying Modified on the new ones. Instead, those using iOS 16 can see previous versions of the edited message. Traditional SMS (green messages) cannot be changed.

Change the phone lock screen

Apple has introduced a new phone lock screen reminiscent of Apple Watch faces: you can choose prepared wallpapers, images, fonts for time and date indication, widgets from both Apple and third-party apps. It is a small revolution that allows you to create many different lock screens for different situations and even have them change dynamically depending on the chosen status. Finally, you can have animated wallpapers like those astronomical (Solar system, Moon and Earth, which moves with a dot indicating its position) or weather forecast, with animations for the forecasts of the moment. The management of notifications on the lock screen has now changed, with a more discreet and compact view that helps to manage when there are many different messages.

Full screen music

Apple has also built fortunes on the music service starting with iTunes and the iPod. But the Music app, which offers the streaming service in addition to the sale of songs and albums, is now back to do something more. The new player reports a feature that was present in iPhones in 2016: have the player full screen on the lock screen. You can of course minimize it, but seeing the cover of the record being played in full screen is a pleasant effect that adds something more to the musical experience.

New controllers: Nintendo’s JoyCons

Apple has long allowed a variety of video game controllers to be used via Bluetooth. There are those certified MFI (the acronym stands for Made for iPhone), the joypads of PS5 e Xbox X and now comes compatibility with Joy-Con and Pro’s Nintendo. Therefore, the possibilities of using the controllers present in the house to play with Apple Arcade, the subscription solution that guarantees the standard implementation of a series of common features, increase.

Siri becomes less shy

Apple continues the business of enhancing its digital assistant and artificial intelligence functions in phones. In particular, it clearly improves dictation, you can get automatic subtitles, find and copy text in both photos and videos, and also automatically select a foreground subject in a photo and drag or copy it to another message. Among other things, in many languages ​​(but not yet in Italian) a function is available that allows, once any app is open, to say “Hey Siri, what is this app for” and receive a brief explanation based on what is indicated by the author of the software. Useful practice if you find old apps that you have practically forgotten everything about.


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What is not ready yet

Not all the news of iOS 16 will be available from the first version: Apple has announced some details how to use which are not yet ready to be introduced for everyone.

The list is quite long, but these are the main news not yet available: it will change radically the architecture of the Home app (Apple’s home automation center) and there will be new integrations and forms of connectivity for the home based on the Matter standard, the method of sharing Photo libraries, the ability to share the digital home keys contained in the wallet and the integration between Game Center and SharePlay to play automatically with friends starting from a FaceTime video call.

Finally, the new Freeform appwhich allows you to take notes, make diagrams, put together documents, texts and images to brainstorm collaborating in real time with other users.

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