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iOS 17 Unveils Exciting Features for AirPods: A New Lease on Life

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iOS 17 Unveils Exciting Features for AirPods: A New Lease on Life

Apple has taken great care of AirPods in iOS 17 with five features that will give them a new life

Less than a week left for Apple’s September Keynote to be held in which, if all goes as planned, the Apple Watch Series 9, the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, AirPods Pro with a USB-C port and the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro.

If we take the events prior to this as precedent, it is quite likely that at some point during the Keynote iOS 17 will be talked about and its official release date announced. It is usually available a couple of days after the event so nothing is missing. It comes loaded with news, and some of its most important changes have to do with AirPods.

AirPods: improvements galore

During WWDC23, Apple talked a lot about AirPods. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful product lines in its history. It is difficult today to go out into the street for five minutes and not see some. Years ago an expression was coined marketiniana who said that it was impossible for one to go to sleep without having seen the Nike logo at least once. The same thing happens with AirPods, and that’s why Apple pampers them so much.

adaptive audio

This function mix transparency and noise cancellation modes. It works in a way that it detects which sounds should be suppressed and which ones should not. It’s not that it blocks all or amplifies all, but it chooses. If you are on the street and there is a construction site, it will cancel the noise coming from it, because you are not interested. However, if a car passes near you or starts to honk its horn, AirPods will allow you to hear it, understanding that it is important to know the traffic situation around you.

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conversation detection

Surely more than once you have had to remove your AirPods Pro because someone had started talking to you, and you will have told them that if they can repeat, that you have not heard the first part. It’s a bit unpleasant, but with this feature that’s over. With iOS 17, if you turn on this feature, AirPods will detect when someone is talking to you and then they will reduce the sound of whatever you are hearing and amplify your voice.

Controls on calls

With iOS 17, when you’re on a call or on a video call, you can press once on the AirPods to mute or unmute the microphone. It is a functionality that makes things much easier depending on the circumstances, so it is good to have it activated. The beta sometimes crashes, but we understand that in the final version it will be fixed.

custom volume

This is one of the ways Apple is quietly integrating artificial intelligence into iOS 17. If you activate the personalized volume option, AirPods will learn from your habits and tastes, and will take into account the environment in which you are and the noise there is to play your content at the most optimal volume possible.

faster auto shift

One of the star features of AirPods is their integration with the ecosystem. If you set them right, when you are listening to something on the iPhone with them and start playing something on the Mac, will be automatically connected to this. In iOS it could be a somewhat slow process, but in iOS 17 it is very fast.

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As you can see, AirPods come loaded with new features and improvements thanks to iOS 17. Best of all, it’s a free update, so you could almost say that you’ll be able to have new AirPods with many new features without having to invest a euro which is very positive.

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