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IPhone 14 arrives, here are the best offers to buy it with telephone operators

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IPhone 14 arrives, here are the best offers to buy it with telephone operators

On September 16, the iPhone 14 arrives, the new Apple range, and again if we want to try to save on the purchase it is worth taking a look at the offers of the operators. Tim, Fastweb, Wind Tre, Vodafone and Iliad offer different solutions in installments – with or without down payment. Cost to be added to that of their offer, chosen by the user, to be combined for phone calls and GB.
But how much do you save? It must be said that the new iPhone models are more expensive than the 13 and the operator does not always allow us to reduce the price. It is necessary to linger in a patient work of comparing what the operator offers – in installments and in advance – and the official Apple price, which can also be paid in installments without interest or surcharges.
Apple also gives some discounts to those who trade in the old iPhone (from 30 to 760 euros). Last aspect: we must also understand if we like, for costs and other characteristics, including network coverage, the offers of the chosen telephone operator. Those who choose the latest iPhone certainly want the best in terms of network, even 5G.
Roughly speaking, it can be said that the only advantage of buying the iPhone through an operator, with 30 or 24 installments, is the possibility of saving. So we immediately discard those offers that do not give us any discount for the model we prefer.
According to various calculations by Sole24Ore, depending on the combinations we can aim for a saving of a few tens of euros up to about 200, if we take the iPhone 14 with an operator.
The advice is also to take advantage of the opportunity of the new iPhone to make a change of operator towards cheaper rates and / or with more GB.
Finally, remember that the Pro Plus will only be available from 7 October.

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With Tim there are these rates: iPhone 14 from 34 euros per month, iPhone 14 Plus from 39 euros per month, iPhone 14 Pro from 45 euros per month, iPhone 14 Pro Max from 50 euros per month. As always, they are 30 monthly installments.The prices indicated refer to the basic 128 GB denomination.Example of offer indicated with iPhone is 5G Power Smart, rate that includes unlimited minutes and sms, 50 GB in 4G and 5G at a cost of 14.99 euro per month. GBs are unlimited for Tim landline customers.


Here is the mirror for Vodafone instead. iPhone 14 starting at 34.99 per month (initial contribution 99.99). For iPhone 14 Plus it starts from 40.99 per month with an initial contribution of 99.99 as well. IPhone 14 Pro starting from 42.99 per month and initial contribution 199. iPhone 14 ProMax starting from 43.99 per month for 24 months (initial contribution 299). : the monthly installments are 24 instead of the usual 30. With Red Pro at 14.99 euros per month we have minutes, unlimited text messages, 50 GB (same features as the Tim offer, as you can see). But if we are Vodafone users on the landline there is Family Plus at 9.99 euros per month, all unlimited.


Iliad, as always, asks to have been its customers for at least three months. iPhone 14 is available from 27 euros per month with an advance of 209 euros. For the iPhone 14 Plus it starts from 30 euros with an advance of 269 euros. iPhone 14 Pro available from 33 euros per month with an advance of 339 euros. For iPhone 14 Pro Max it goes to 37 euros per month and an advance of 369 euros. Installments always 30, monthly. We recommend the Flash offer 150, unlimited minutes and text messages, 150 GB in 4G and 5G for 9.99 euros per month and as many one-offs for activation.

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Here are the Fastweb offers, all with no down payment and 30 monthly installments: iPhone 14 from € 33.30 per month, iPhone 14 Plus from € 37.62, iPhone 14 Pro available from € 42.97 per month, iPhone 14 Pro Max from 47.97 euros. In the Fastweb Mobile offer with unlimited minutes, 100 SMS and 90 GB in 4G and 5G, the cost is € 7.95 per month.

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