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iPhone 14 pre-orders start! iPhone 14, Pro, Plus phone case recommendation, drop-proof, featured models to buy see this article

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iPhone 14 pre-orders start! iPhone 14, Pro, Plus phone case recommendation, drop-proof, featured models to buy see this article


The 2022 Apple Autumn Conference announced the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 14 series, including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Plus and other models, which will be open for pre-order today and will be officially launched on September 16! When fruit fans pre-order mobile phones, don’t forget to buy a mobile phone case first! Scroll down for the ultimate drop-resistant and specialty phone cases!

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iPhone14 anti-fall mobile phone case recommendation: MONOCOZZI anti-collision soft rubber edge multi-angle standing protective case

The brand “MONOCOZZI” uses vegan leather to fully protect your new phone! Using environmentally friendly and durable vegan leather with flip-folding technology, the integrated mobile phone case and mobile phone stand are designed to meet your needs for vertical or horizontal reading and viewing of mobile phones at any time.

iPhone14 Pro Faux Leather Anti-collision Soft Rubber Edge Foldable Multi-Angle Standing Protective Case NT$969 (original price NT$1,019)

iPhone 14 drop-resistant phone case recommendation: SKINARMA four-corner drop-resistant phone case

The design brand “SKINARMA”, inspired by Japanese culture and the distinctive Harajuku style of Tokyo’s young people, uses a transparent anti-collision phone case with street-style fonts and pattern stickers, allowing you to easily create your own phone case by sticking , show your unique self.

iPhone14 series Saido low-key style four-corner anti-fall mobile phone case-transparent NT$890

iPhone14 anti-fall mobile phone case recommendation: fish domino star sand anti-fall mobile phone case

iPhone 14 Starfield Shockproof Case (with MagSafe Support) From NT$880

iPhone14 anti-fall mobile phone case recommendation: fish domino ultra-thin magnetic mobile phone case

With a mobile phone case on, you can also enjoy a light experience that is almost bare metal! The design brand “fish domino” uses safe and non-toxic raw materials that comply with environmental protection certification, tailor-made to bring a perfect fit to the fuselage design, and made with a special process to make a detailed surface, effectively scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint.

iPhone 14 Gravity M Ultra Thin Magnetic Phone Case (MagSafe Support) NT$680

iPhone 14 Shock Resistant Phone Case Recommendation: CASETiFY Ultimate Shock Resistant Phone Case

Fashion accessories brand CASETiFY has launched the “Ultimate Drop-resistant Phone Case” created with the new patented EcoShock™ protection technology. . The biggest feature of the newly launched ultimate anti-fall phone case is the innovative and breakthrough “elastic protection corner” design. According to the rigorous anti-drop test conducted on hundreds of smartphones, when the mobile phone is dropped, there is a 70% chance that it will land on the four corners. irreparable damage.

The ultimate shatterproof phone case from NT$ 2,440

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In order to greatly improve the protection of the phone case, the elastic protection corner of the CASETiFY ultimate anti-drop phone case is inspired by the suspension bridge, adding anti-compression ribs and three air chambers, with elastic protection corners, and at the same time adopts the revolutionary EcoShock™ protection The technology is also created by the innovative Re/CASETiFY technology. When the mobile phone falls and hits the ground, it has a cushioning and rebound effect to avoid structural damage to the mobile phone. The ultimate iPhone 14 series has successfully passed 156 consecutive multi-angle drop tests on concrete and steel floors, with 6x military-grade drop resistance and a drop resistance of up to 21.3 feet (about 6.5 meters). !

iPhone 14 Series Cases Buy Now

iPhone14 Featured Phone Case Recommendation: SECOND UNIQUE NAME Patch Finger Sleeve Phone Case

SECOND UNIQUE NAME, which is a famous Korean mobile phone brand, uses a hard mobile phone case with a cute bear patch, which not only heals full marks, but also can be used as a finger cover. It is both cute and practical, so you no longer worry about the phone falling during daily use. troubles.

Patch Finger Cover Phone Case – Dancing Bear NT$1,160

Blue sky and white clouds bracket iPhone soft shell NT$305

iPhone14 Featured Phone Case Recommendation: Shibaful Dark Green Park Lawn Phone Case

The design brand “Shibaful”, which started with iPhone cases, adheres to the idea of ​​making the park’s grass more comfortable and relaxing. Taking Tokyo’s famous Yoyogi Park as inspiration, it uses electrostatic hair-planting technology to add hair to the side of the phone case. , The frame part reproduces the slender and beautiful soft touch of the grass.

Dark Green Park Lawn Phone Case NT$875

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