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iPhone 15 Pro: How expensive will the new Apple smartphone be?

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iPhone 15 Pro: How expensive will the new Apple smartphone be?

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  • In all likelihood, the new iPhone 15 generation from Apple will appear in autumn 2023.
  • Four models are probably waiting for us again: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Apparently authentic render images have now appeared for the iPhone 15 Pro, showing that the new devices could come with a changed design and the long-awaited USB-C connection. We checked out the rumours.

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After the iPhone 14 is before the iPhone 15! Although the current Apple smartphone has only been on the market for a few months, everyone is already thinking about the next generation – and what innovations it could bring with it. Internal 3D render models of the iPhone 15 Pro have now appeared online, giving clues to the design of the new devices.






Rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro

Since Apple’s iPhones (and all other smartphones) are always in development for a long time, the new devices are of course being worked on well before the planned release date. Accordingly, information about design and features that has been leaked in advance regularly appears on the Internet. This time, the website “9to5mac.com” appears to have been leaked render images that were probably intended for manufacturers of cases and screen protectors.

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If the leaked images are authentic, the iPhone 15 Pro will differ significantly from the look of the previous generations, which has been unchanged for three years now. The edges of the housing frame are more rounded and the display glass also seems to have slight curves on the outside. The camera module remains the same in terms of its structure, but looks much thicker and protrudes even further from the housing.

The iPhone 15 Pro could bring these innovations with it

With the camera, Apple seems to be using new sensors or lenses that take up more space. Nevertheless, the housing of the iPhone 15 Pro should be a few millimeters smaller and come with a slightly narrower display frame – with the same display size. Particularly exciting: Instead of physical volume buttons, we could expect touch-sensitive sensor surfaces to regulate the volume. And another highlight for many Apple users (even if it was to be expected): a USB-C port is finally used for charging. Apple had already announced that it would follow the European Union’s demands for a standard charging cable.

In fact, a photo that was supposed to show the USB-C port of the iPhone 15 Pro even appeared in a now-deleted tweet. Another exciting detail was revealed in the picture: the smartphone seems to have a titanium case frame, which is very similar to that of the Apple Watch Ultra. If Apple really does switch from stainless steel to titanium, the frame of the new top smartphone will not be shiny, but matt.

Will the iPhone 15 Pro come with new colors?

With each new iPhone generation, a new, exclusive color appears. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro was launched in the color Pacific Blue, the iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue and you can also get the current iPhone 14 Pro in dark purple. What color can we expect from the iPhone 15? “9to5Mac” also asked this question and claims to have learned from an anonymous source that Apple has opted for a dark, burgundy red called Dark Sienna in 2023.

It is not yet known for which models the new color will be available. However, it’s entirely possible that Dark Sienna is only an option on the Pro versions of the new iPhone.

Will the iPhone 15 Pro get a new chip?

Of course, the iPhone 15 Pro will not only differ from its predecessor on the outside. There are already some rumors about the inner workings of the top smartphone. For example, the “digitimes.com” website claims to have learned from suppliers that Apple will install the new A17 bionic chip in the iPhone 15 Pro. This is to be manufactured in a special 3-nanometer process and thus bring an improvement of 35 percent compared to the current A16 chip, especially in the area of ​​energy efficiency. The latter is currently working in the iPhone 14 Pro and should then also be used in the other iPhone 15 models.

How much will the iPhone 15 Pro cost?

Apple has already raised the prices for the current iPhone 14 generation compared to the previous models – the iPhone 14 Pro cost a whopping 150.00 euros more than the iPhone 13 Pro when it was launched. Now Macrumors.com is reporting, based on statements by industry analyst Jeff Pu, that the iPhone 15 generation will come with another price increase. The expert cites various expensive hardware upgrades as the reason for this assumption – such as a titanium frame, sensor keys with haptic feedback, the new A17 Bionic processor and larger RAM. Then there is inflation and the generally tense economic situation.

But there is (possibly) good news as well: At the same time, there are also rumors that Apple is considering a price reduction for the iPhone 15 in the standard version due to weak sales of the iPhone 14. The aim is to increase the price difference between the basic and Pro models in order to make buying the cheaper version more attractive for customers. Of course, there is still no reliable information about the new iPhone 15. We will continue to collect the most exciting and promising rumors here for you!

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