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iPhone at risk: Apple issues alert for “mercenary espionage” attacks

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iPhone at risk: Apple issues alert for “mercenary espionage” attacks

Apple Warns iPhone Users About Mercenary Espionage Attacks

In a recent alert aimed at iPhone users, Apple has issued a warning regarding the threat of attacks classified as “mercenary espionage.” These offensives target devices linked to Apple IDs, compromising user security remotely.

The tech giant emphasized the urgency of updating mobile software to iOS 17.4.1 and activating Protection Mode to minimize risks. These attacks, known as zero-click attacks, exploit unpatched software vulnerabilities to remotely install malware, granting attackers unrestricted access to personal data and the ability to monitor communications such as calls and emails.

The intricate nature of zero-click attacks presents a significant challenge as they can execute without user intervention, exploiting system vulnerabilities to transmit malware through various means like text messages, calls, or Wi-Fi signals. With the increasing sophistication of spyware attacks, the need for mobile device security has become more critical, especially for individuals in sensitive sectors like journalists, activists, and workers.

Apple has developed Protection Mode (Lockdown Mode) for iOS 16 and later devices, offering an additional layer of security against targeted attacks. This feature limits device functionality to protect against potential threats of digital espionage. Detailed Protection mode provides further safeguards by restricting vulnerable device functions against sophisticated attacks.

The company has been actively notifying users about potential threats since 2021 and has increased the frequency of iOS updates to address security vulnerabilities. Apple also provides general security tips, such as enabling two-factor authentication and using strong passwords for Apple ID.

Users are advised to remain vigilant when encountering threat notifications and take proactive measures to safeguard their devices. This includes keeping devices up-to-date, using strong passcodes and passwords, installing apps only from the official App Store, and exercising caution when interacting with unknown sources.

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For individuals at risk, activating Lock Mode is highly recommended to enhance device protection. Recognizing legitimate notifications from Apple is crucial, as the company will never request personal information directly.

Emergency digital security assistance is available through the Access Now helpline and resources provided by the Consumer Reports Security Planner website for at-risk individuals. Apple strongly advises against engaging with suspicious links, files, or applications and refraining from providing sensitive information in response to threat notifications. Verified notifications can be authenticated by logging in at appleid.apple.com.

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