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Is the valuation of startups changing? A debate

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Is the valuation of startups changing?  A debate

If we imagine startups as organs of a body, venture capital is a bit like the blood that allows organs to function. And grow. There is no good startup market without a good venture capital market. Italy, in this particular sector of the investment market, started a little over a decade ago. And with a delay compared to other European countries. But over the years it has begun to catch up. The data tells it. From 2015 to date, it has gone from about one hundred million a year invested in innovative startups to about 1.3 billion in 2021, while in the first six months of 2022 alone, it has already touched one billion euros.

On the other hand, if in 2015 venture capital funds could be counted on the fingers of one hand, with endowments that often did not exceed a few million euros, today their number has risen to a few dozen. The association that represents them is Italian Tech Alliance. Founded in 2019, it was founded by the main venture capital funds active in Italy. It has around 50 investor shareholders who manage assets for around 1.3 billion euros. They have currently invested in over 250 startups. The association, which also represents innovative companies and Italian business angels, is chaired by Gianluca Dettori, president of Primo Venture.

Dettori will be among the Italian Tech Week with two panels: the first on the ten-year anniversary of the entry into force of the Italian law on startups, the second on how models change to evaluate the success of an innovative company (the program is on the italiantechweek website .com / agenda). If the first panel is a balance sheet of the effects of the decree that initiated the legislation on startups, the second will analyze a paradigm shift taking place in the world of global venture capital.

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Many investors, as Dettori told Italian Tech, are changing the way of evaluating startups: “We pay more attention to the fundamentals, to the turnover, less to the evaluations obtained after the investment rounds. And this for Italy, which boasts solid start-ups, represents a great opportunity ”. The analysis of how will be interesting.

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