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It’s All Retail, March 19th at NH Milano Congress Centre

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It’s All Retail, March 19th at NH Milano Congress Centre

It’s All Retail, the event, returns again this year Brainz designed for the world of Retail, GDO, Fashion and Consumer and which will see the participation of over 140 speakers.

There will be experts and innovators who are shaping the industry through new approaches, cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary ideas. It will be an opportunity to explore the latest trends and discover how emerging solutions and technologies are redefining the way we shop, manage stores and create engaging experiences for our customers.

It’s All Retail is an excellent moment for networking with participants from different companies and backgrounds, creating a valuable network of contacts for the exchange of ideas and opportunities for future collaboration.

There are many strong themes that will be addressed: Artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, process automation and customer experience.
Cyber ​​security and data protection to address cyber threats and protect sensitive customer information. Cloud computing and scalable architecture to support data expansion and management in a flexible and secure way.
Many marketing insights will help you understand how to personalize offers and marketing experiences based on customer data and behavioral analytics. We will talk about marketing influencer and social media strategies to increase customer engagement and improve brand visibility, but also omnichannel marketing, to create a seamless shopping experience across different sales channels.

Data and digitalisation

Customer data analysis to gain in-depth insights into purchasing behavior, preferences and market trends. Using predictive analytics tools to predict product demand and optimize inventory management. Data-driven decision making to guide marketing, pricing and product assortment strategies.

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Digital payments and mobile to offer convenient and secure payment options to customers. Integration of contactless and mobile payment technologies into in-store and online shopping experiences. Development of innovative payment solutions, such as digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Supply chain optimization through automation, the use of planning algorithms and data integration. Traceability and transparency of the supply chain to guarantee the origin and quality of the products. Sustainability in the supply chain, including aspects such as ethics, waste reduction and energy efficiency.

Adoption of solutions lighting e air conditioning with low energy consumption to reduce the environmental impact of shops. Using data analytics to identify areas of energy waste and implement optimization strategies. Investments in renewable energy and sustainable technologies to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The participants of IT’S ALL RETAIL are:

Top Management: CEO – General Manager – Retail Director – Strategy Manager – Sales Director – HR Director
Marketing & CRM: CRM Director – Marketing Director – Loyalty Manager – Ecommerce Director – Chief Digital Officer – Chief Data Officer
IT & Technology: Chief Information Officer – Chief Technology Officer – IT Manager Chief Security Information Officer
POS & Payment: CFO, Finance Director, Administration and Finance Director, Pos & Payment Director, Treasury Director
Logistics and warehouse: Supply Chain Director, Logistics Director – Logistics Manager – Warehouse Manager
Technical office: Energy Manager – Facility Manager – Technical Director – Layout & Store Design – Visual Merchandising – Security Manager – Real Estate Director – Construction Manager


The complete program can be consulted on the official website of the event

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