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January 7th to February 12th, 2024

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January 7th to February 12th, 2024

It’ll be a few days before I can listen to the music, and maybe it’ll finally be my last CD

The uncle of a fellow musician set up a few microphones for the concert, and a little later all the musicians received a recording of the concert on audio CD. I’m very happy about it, but: On CD? I haven’t had a CD player for a long time, so I’m wondering how I can access the music that I now have in my hand, recorded on this physical data carrier.

I ask around, some fellow musicians still have a CD player, but it is usually a separate device that can only play music CDs locally and cannot bring their content to the cloud in a form that I can listen to.

Then I have an idea: The PS5 has a Blu-ray player. And it should actually be able to play CDs too?! Then the only question would be whether the PS5 already has software pre-installed to convert the contents of music CDs into mp3 files, and how I can get these from the PS5 into some cloud, Google Drive or YouTube or something like that. But it will definitely work somehow. I think. I insert the audio CD into the PS5 – but the result doesn’t sound good at all. I hear the drive’s motor start a few times, then it shuts off again, and finally the screen says:

I describe the problem to my son. He still has an old laptop with a CD drive in a drawer on which he has tried out various Linux distributions. It can still be booted. The Linux on it is quite outdated, I briefly consider updating it before logging into YouTube on the computer – but then I copy the music from the CD via the computer onto a USB stick, the contents of the USB stick then again on my current laptop and from there I can put it on my server and – finally – listen to it.


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