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Journey between past and future at the Metaverse movie festival

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Journey between past and future at the Metaverse movie festival

Original perspectives that will allow the public to discover the world seen from unusual angles. And not only the contemporary one but you can travel between past and future, between reality and fantastic worlds. This is what happens to the Metaverse movie festival, the place where you can experience completely new sensations of discovery, such as peeking behind the curtain of a theater before the show or walking on the water. Or find yourself on the typical paving of the streets of ancient Rome but also walk on the clouds.

These are just some of the experiences that can be tried in the immersive room. It is an interactive environment that envelops the viewer from all sides, transforming him into an actor and bringing him into the narrative of the story. An artificial environment, built according to the needs of the narration and the availability of space, in which to tell a story and involve the public. A simple gesture, a movement or a word will be enough to activate the projections. So the visitors will be immersed in a virtual reality, in distant or fantasy worlds that will seem realistic without leaving a room. And thanks to motion sensors able to identify the gestures of visitors, the contents will change creating original experiences and plots.

With the Vr projectionsthrough optical viewers and controllers, the visitor will be transported to an environment that simulates a real situation in a different world from the one in which he finds himself on a daily basis. These environments aim to make the general public aware of products ranging from documentaries to entertainment, from gaming to videodance, up to entire theatrical performances conceived or reproduced in virtual reality. To take advantage of these projections, first of all new hardware such as optical viewers and controllers will be needed, functional to recreate environments and interactive interfaces that allow an immersive experience.

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The viewer in particular contains systems for detecting movements. Controllers, on the other hand, allow you to explore a variety of tactile sensations and receive feedback from objects in virtual reality. Together with this new hardware there are the new software that can be summarized in the contents you are most interested in, based on your favorite themes.

In particular, in the selection available, the public will be able to experiment with both different types of technologies that allow numerous levels of interaction, from the non-interactive 360 ​​° movie to real video games with great possibilities of movement and interaction, and different themes, the most close to your tastes or that most intrigue.

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