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Juniper Networks talks about the challenges of CIOs

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Juniper Networks talks about the challenges of CIOs

Sharon Mandell, CIO of Juniper Networks, tells us about the difficulties and challenges of companies and CIOs, between sustainability, AI and valorisation of resources.

2024 opened with an important confirmation

Sustainability is still at the top of CIOs’ agenda, and this is partly because customers are demanding it not only in relation to AI, but also across all other business sectors. For example, 60% of Juniper’s largest customers have set clear CO2 reduction goals for their suppliers. Sustainability-related factors currently account for 5-10% of RFPs (Request for Proposals), but the expectation is that these percentages will reach a share of 20% over the next 3-5 years.

That said, however, the requirements ofGenerative AI (not all AI) in terms of computing power can be very high. Therefore, when working on the feasibility of a project, it is essential to also evaluate these costs in the value equation in addition to the classic parameters. Additionally, CIOs will need to both manage and provide data for activity reporting ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), as well as introducing the ESG factor and energy efficiency into technology-related decision-making processes.

Juniper Networks – ithe green future of businesses

These factors not only put sustainability at the center of CIO agendas, but also put IT leaders in the unique position of determining the future of green technology in the enterprise. In fact, it is up to CIOs to create a more sustainable IT infrastructure to realize ambitious projects “Net Zero”.

The main question will be how to operationalize generative AI, although the challenge of cost management remains to be overcome. As we emerge from the feasibility study phase, the productivity gains and potential savings will become increasingly clear, especially in areas such as coding, word processing, legal aspects and the creation or validation of content for marketing. And transforming these gains into real benefits or cost reductions will once again be a key responsibility for IT departments. Additionally, the push to adopt generative AI will continue to raise the bar for AI solutions in use even before GenAI arrives.

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Security challenges

At the same time, security challenges will continue to evolve and require more attention and investment, without forgetting that security systems will also need to be protected. GenAI themselves. Therefore, in anticipation of this, a growing share of the budget IT will need to be allocated to prevention, mitigation and recovery activities in response to threats, whether new or known. Without forgetting another priority commitment for CIOs, namely the need to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

But how can IT managers ensure that every resource is used to its full potential? The simplest way to answer this question lies in the concepts of capacity management e prioritization of the projects. However, with AI and integration and automation tools available today, the very definition of the “full potential” of a resource has changed and a more complex approach is needed.

Today, when we discuss using a resource to its full potential it is not simply about maximizing working hours or production. Instead, it’s about taking advantage of people’s unique strengths and capabilities, providing them with systems capable of doing the most mundane or overly burdensome jobs, such as rapidly synthesizing huge amounts of seemingly unrelated data in a short amount of time. Ultimately, IT leaders need to take the time to fully understand their resources so they can ensure they are not only engaged, but also performing appropriate tasks that best utilize their skills and capabilities.

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