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Keenetic, router and networking with proprietary OS

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Keenetic, router and networking with proprietary OS

Keeneticspin-off of Zyxel specializing in networking solutions, it transforms the concept of the router, which becomes a real customizable neural center.

Marco Bartolone, Country Manager of Keenetic Italia
Our strategy is defined, we want to grow gradually and constantly. The hope is to conquer 25% of the Router market in 3 years, focusing on exploiting the advantages of absolutely innovative devices.
It all starts from the intuition of creating our own operating system, Keenetic OS, which represents the beating heart of all Keenetic products, from entry to premium level. Thanks to it we can have absolute control over performance and safety. This is certainly a great competitive advantage because we have the possibility of developing new solutions customized to customer needs and in total autonomy.

..The first target we address is represented by SMEs and, above all, small internet service providers. These companies find in Keenetic the ideal partner capable of guaranteeing, thanks to the cutting-edge technology used, a significant reduction in management costs, primarily those linked to customer support during the installation phase and during daily assistance. Keenetic devices are capable of self-configuring in a few minutes thanks to the use of the mobile app and this allows the first setup to be delegated directly to the end customer. Furthermore, the great stability of the service and a highly developed diagnostic system make it possible to reduce customer care service interventions to a minimum and drastically shorten their times. Once our position has been consolidated, we will focus on retail as a further sales channel to grow further.

How Keenetic devices work

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Keenetic products are designed to be reliable, simple to use and AUTOCONFIGURE, in order to guarantee a unique personalized experience, like devices such as smartphones and computers. The company’s direct control over the development of hardware and software guarantees the autonomy necessary to support customers at every stage. Each router is also equipped with tool connection management and a private cloud space.

In the first case, the Keenetic mobile application for iOS e Android allows you to manage the entire network even remotely, activating only the functions necessary at that precise moment. The latter is a principle designed to support small and medium-sized companies with multiple locations that need to be interconnected and optimize their processes. And again, with the cloud space available on each device, which can be used with the support of an external hard disk, Keenetic wants to guarantee all users the possibility of protecting their personal or business data in an absolutely effective way.

Operating system updates

All Keenetic devices offer at least four years of constant operating system updates to avoid instant obsolescence, extend the life of the router and reduce the impact in terms of sustainability. Updates not only fix bugs and implement security measures, but also introduce new features and extend support for the latest peripherals. To ensure that these processes are successful, Keenetic invests large resources in testing activities (7,500 hours per month).

Each new update must pass approximately 8,000 tests and even the release phase itself does not all happen at the same time but in different steps, precisely to give the possibility of monitoring what is happening and intervening to correct any errors before the problem can reach all the connected devices.

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