Home Technology Ken Lobb on Goldeneye 007: “The Future I Never Foresaw”

Ken Lobb on Goldeneye 007: “The Future I Never Foresaw”

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Ken Lobb on Goldeneye 007: “The Future I Never Foresaw”

When Goldeneye 007 was being developed, Rare had a very close working relationship with Nintendo, whose main contact was producer Ken Lobb, who had a hand in most of the great Rare classics of the 1990s (in some cases More).

The Riel Preservation Society liked him so much that he actually got his own gun in GoldenEye 007, named Klobb, and lent his appearance to the character in the game. The latter, in particular, clearly impressed him, as he just tweeted out how far we’ve come since James Bond’s 1997 adventure was released for the Nintendo 64.

As of today, you can also enjoy this excellent game for yourself, which regularly appears in lists of the best games of all time. It’s included now with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription, and it’s also launching on Xbox (and included with Game Pass). Take this opportunity to enjoy this piece of gaming history.

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