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Keywords for feeling super cool

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Keywords for feeling super cool

There is little you can do: if you use certain words casually in a certain world, you are immediately accepted by those who belong to that world. If you don’t use them or don’t know their meaning, expect to be overlooked. Worse yet, someone might even label you a boomer. Do you want to avoid this risk, at least as far as the crypto universe is concerned? Read this post to the end and during the Christmas holidays you will be by far the trendiest of the table.

EduTech Challenges

Digital training, the experts: watertight compartments are for boomers

by Diletta Parlangeli

One of the first acronyms to slip into a conversation as naturally as you would place the key to your new Ferrari on the table is Fomo. Fear Of Missing Out: fear of staying out. At the moment it is the least used word in crypto but, until a year ago and generally in every bullish period, it was very popular. I remember, decades ago, a season of infinite increases in the stock market: I saw managers and professionals, as well as poets, mechanics and bakers, totally pervaded by the unspeakable Fomo, rushing to the nearest newsstand to buy Milano Finanza in the hope of having the right indication for the deal of the century. There wasn’t a person who, in a few months, hadn’t turned into an expert on listed shares.

The economic newspapers were sold out in an instant, almost like in Turin in recent months the slots to be able to redo one’s passport have run out. Then the stock markets collapsed and there was no longer any need to get out of breath at the newsstands. Fomo had given way to Fud. Fear, uncertainty and doubt: fear, uncertainty and doubts.

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The under 13s and social media, a snapshot of a relationship that shouldn’t exist

by Emanuele Capone

Anyone who never misses an opportunity to give negative opinions on the possible evolution of the market is doing Fud. If he does it at the table demonstrating considerable knowledge of the world of food and restaurants he will be a foodie who makes Fud. Halfway between Fomo and Fud people is Hodl. The word comes from a writing error and immediately becomes popular on social networks to indicate a person who buys cryptocurrencies not to trade but rather to keep them (to hold means to keep).

“I admit that I went through a Fomo period but in the end, thanks to my Hodl nature, even in a moment like this, I don’t think a Fud attitude is particularly useful”: if you hear someone talking like this, you can now interact naturally.

Then there is a word that should be used softly: Whale. This is not a nasty way to body-sham a few particularly chubby ladies. Whale in English is called Whale and in crypto it indicates those who are Loaded of crypto, crammed full. When a Whale moves on an exchange, the effect on the price in fiat currency of a given crypto can immediately catch the eye.

So if you tell a lady she’s a whale, you’re insulting her. If you tell her she’s a whale, you’re underlining her status as a super owner of huge amounts of digital assets. In any case, I would say, better to keep silent. Also because you could find yourself in front of someone ex-filtered rich. I am reminded of a rather popular joke a few months ago. Him: did you know that I’m a crypto millionaire? Her: wow, and how did you do it? Him: until recently I was a billionaire.

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You could also meet someone with the potential to become one: a classic Btd type, or Buy The Dip, i.e. someone who buys when prices are particularly low, as in this Bear Market period (negative market, dominated by the bear, as opposed to the Bukk Run periods dominated by the bull that drags all the price lists upwards).

And, in one of the many end-of-year parties, you might even come across someone who works in the crypto sector. It could be a Wagmi or, conversely, an irredeemable Ngmi. The first is an irremediable optimist and always thinks that We Are Gonna Make It, we will make it, despite the difficulties of the moment. On the contrary, the second is pessimistic and believes that Never Gonna Make It, we can’t do it, that the project will never start.

Whatever it is, the really important thing is Dyor, but we’ll talk about it in the next post.

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