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Kill Cloud: How we learned to love the AI ​​drone

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In Poland, left-liberal intellectuals are starting crowdfunding campaigns to support Ukraine. We also know this from Germany. What’s special: Money is also collected here for weapons deliveries. More specifically: the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat drone.

For many, the Ukraine war is the first social media war – which can’t be entirely true, since there have been plenty of wars since the introduction and spread of social media – and for others who know better, the Ukraine war is War was the first large test field for the latest technologies: AI-controlled drones, for example.

Social acceptance of drones demands all the more from us – is Poland just an exception? – to ask more precisely what these war technologies are all about.

This is the task of the Disruption Network Institute, which has just been founded in Berlin.

Established on September 11, 2023, the Disruption Network Institute and its fellows will study the use of automated technologies in networked warfare and the social and ethical implications of machine learning and algorithms in the development of control, data tracking and surveillance tactics. The inaugural research program “Investigating the Kill Cloud: Information Warfare, Autonomous Weapons & AI” advances concepts through collaboration between whistleblowers, researchers, lawyers and civil society The work of the Disruption Network Lab on building transdisciplinary trust networks was developed.

The researchers are introduced and the first resources are already shared on the institute’s website. It’s worth following developments. Also so that you don’t fall prey to even the most tempting call for donations to finance a drone.

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