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Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s ebook reader becomes a notebook

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Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s ebook reader becomes a notebook

Since its inception, the Kindle has been synonymous with e-ink screen reading. Today, with Kindle Scribe, it’s finally possible to use it for writing. The new model is always recognizable as a Kindle, albeit larger than all the others: in short, it is not a tablet, even if it has the same dimensions. If the thickness is only 5.8 mm, the anti-glare screen measures 10.2 inches with a resolution of 300 ppi. It is designed to recreate the feeling of pen flowing on paper, providing a natural and pleasant experience. The high-resolution Paperwhite screen gives you plenty of room to read and take notes, brings out the beauty of images, illustrations and graphics, and allows you to easily adjust margins.

You can choose two types of pens that do not require refilling: Basic and Premium. Both offer great precision, a natural feel in the hand, and attach snugly to the side of the device with a magnet. The pens also feature different width (but not profession-sensitive) strokes, a highlighter, an eraser, and an undo tool, all easily accessible from the on-screen writing menu. The Premium pen includes an eraser on top and a customizable shortcut button, with which you can select the eraser or highlighter function, or create a new sticky note. In our quick test, the response speed of the stylus is surprising: we are not at the levels of an iPad, of course, but the use is really natural.

Kindle Scribe’s new digital sticky notes make it easy to take notes by hand on millions of books by automatically organizing notes and highlights in one place, thus keeping pages uncluttered. You can also use Kindle Scribe to keep a journal using a variety of templates, including to-do lists, or lined and squared paper.

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Like all Kindles, the new Scribe then allows you to customize the reading experience by adjusting the size of the characters, increasing the line spacing or switching to dark mode. Also, thanks to the large screen, those using larger fonts have the ability to see more text per page and, through the ‘large mode’ setting, can increase the size of elements such as home screen text and book icons .

Kindle Scribe is certified Climate Pledge Friendly, certification that helps customers recognize and purchase more sustainable products. Designed with 100% recycled aluminum and 48% recycled plastic, Kindle Scribe is made with sustainability in mind, and 99% of this device’s packaging is made from wood-fiber-based materials from managed forests in responsibly or from recycled sources.

Announced a few weeks ago, Kindle Scribe is on sale from November 30 starting at 369.99 euros. Available only in Gray with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory, it comes with a Basic or Premium pen. There are also several covers in leather and fabric.

For a limited time, with Kindle Scribe, you can get a 4-month free trial when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, which gives you unlimited access to millions of titles, including novels, mysteries, comics, and more.

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