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Kishi Ultra arrives, the definitive controller for iPhone 15, Android and iPad Mini

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Razer has just unveiled Kishi Ultra, a USB-C controller that is compatible with Android devices, iPhone 15 series and iPad Mini, marking a real game changer thanks to its ability to offer console-level control combined with a haptic experience of absolute involvement. Nick Bourne, Head of Mobile, Razer’s Console and Streaming Division didn’t mince words: “With Kishi Ultra, we’re not just elevating mobile gaming, we’re completely transforming it.”

And in fact, this device opens the doors to a new one “God-Tier Era” of gaming on mobile platforms. The Console Experience Goes Portable Kishi Ultra embodies the perfect synthesis between the power of a professional controller for consoles and the portability required by gamers on the go. Designed to deliver an authentic console experience on iPhone 15, iPad Mini and Android tablets with 8-inch displays, it represents the pinnacle of high-performance mobile gaming. The ergonomic design with natural grip and button layout allows for a level of control previously unthinkable on mobile devices. Kishi Ultra is aimed at hardcore console and PC gamers venturing into mobile gaming, but it also enhances the iPad Mini experience by transforming it into a true big-screen gaming laptop. USB-C connectivity also allows for wired gaming on your PC.

Professional Level Features

With over 15 years of experience in creating esports controllers, Razer engineers have integrated high-profile features into Kishi Ultra: – 8-way mecha-tactile directional pad and ABXY buttons for maximum responsiveness and comfort. – Trigger Hall Effect Console-sized for exceptional analog precision. – Stick with anti-friction rings and TPSiV medical surface for extreme durability. – Programmable L4/R4 multifunction buttons for customized control configurations, paving the way for an experience previously reserved for PCs and consoles. Unmatched Compatibility and Uninterrupted Play The potential of Kishi Ultra goes far beyond mobile gaming. Thanks to low latency USB-C connectivity, it also works with PC and iPad Mini, supporting haptic vibrations on PC and 3.5mm audio output.

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The USB-C “island” design also guarantees perfect compatibility with the most popular iPhone cases large, eliminating the need to remove them. Powered by Razer Nexus and Chroma RGB The controller is powered by the free Razer Nexus app, which gives access to thousands of compatible iOS and Android titles. Nexus allows you to launch games, customize controls and record/share gameplay. The new Virtual Controller mode for Android then extends compatibility to many of the most important mobile games. Dynamic RGB Razer Chroma lighting completes the experience, bringing a touch of gamer room wherever you are and lighting up the battlefield Razer style. Razer Sensa HD Haptics: Total Immersion Kishi Ultra is the first device with the revolutionary Razer Sensa HD Haptics technology which, together with Chroma RGB, offers unprecedented multi-sensory immersion. Thanks to patented broadband high-definition haptics, with haptic coils in each grip, the experience is truly unique and immersive like never before on a mobile controller. With Interhaptics SDK support, developers can create haptic feedback tailored to their titles. Existing games for PC and Android instead acquire a new dimension thanks to audio-haptic integration. A sea change for mobile gaming, setting new standards for immersion. Kishi V2 is also renewed with USB-C.

In addition to Kishi Ultra, Razer has updated the Kishi V2 line with the new USB-C model for iPhone 15 and Android, introducing the possibility of playing via cable also on PC and iPad. An upgrade that further improves this “always with you” universal controller, with micro-switch buttons, analog triggers and programmable macros for very low latency and pass-through charging.

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Razer Kishi Ultra €169.99 on Razer.com, RazerStore and authorized resellers – available Razer Kishi V2 USB C €119.99 on Razer.com, RazerStore and authorized resellers – available

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