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KIT Science Festival Effects attracts 25,000 visitors to Karlsruhe

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KIT Science Festival Effects attracts 25,000 visitors to Karlsruhe

Cheers to science, green technologies and other science topics to touch and be amazed at the fabulous KIT:

Believe it or not, 25,000 visitors attended the open day of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on Saturday (June 17, 2023), which took place on the North Campus of the KIT after a four-year break due to the pandemic.

From 10:00 a.m. on in bright sunshine, families, groups and all those interested in science flocked to the two square kilometer site in the Hardtwald to experience excellent science hands-on.

The program, which included more than 200 individual offers, was rounded off by comedy, music and quiz shows, as well as a party mile. The Karlsruhe science festival EFFEKTE also started with the open day of the KIT.

This is a particularly beautiful day when, after four long years, so many interested people came to KIT to experience excellent science with their own senses in a relaxed atmosphere and to exchange ideas with our researchers,” said the President of KIT , Professor Holger Hanselka. “I would like to sincerely thank the many employees and students of KIT who have once again put together an attractive, substantial and varied program. I am very pleased that we are so successful in conveying the exciting and dynamic world of research, teaching, and innovation that KIT stands for.”

Diverse program with more than 200 offers

The more than 200 individual program items offered comprehensive information on a wide range of topics in a variety of presentation forms. Findings from energy, climate and sustainability research, for example, became an event as well as projects on disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence or robotics. The opportunity to get your own picture in an uncomplicated dialogue with researchers was extremely popular, for example on the drilling site of the DeepStor geothermal project. The “Knowledge is Fun” area around the casino, where institutes and facilities from other KIT locations presented themselves, was also very popular.

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Kick-off for the science festival EFFEKTE

At noon, President Professor Holger Hanselka and the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup jointly opened the science festival EFFEKTE. Until June 25, 2023, Karlsruhe universities and scientific institutions – including the KIT with other offers – will present their work to a broad audience.

Mayor Mentrup was enthusiastic about the start of the festival at the research university in the Helmholtz Association: “Entertaining and easily understandable for everyone, the facilities of the KIT have central social questions and challenges to our universe from the lecture halls, laboratories and work rooms on the campus fetched North. And in this way, scientific findings that will influence our coexistence in the future are made accessible to a broad audience. KIT has emphatically demonstrated the excellence of the science cosmos Karlsruhe.”

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