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Kyndryl services helping Red Hat OpenShift customers

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Kyndryl services helping Red Hat OpenShift customers

New services are coming from Kyndryl to help Red Hat OpenShift customers improve their ability to modernize and move business applications to the hybrid cloud. Kyndryl’s new integrated services and capabilities are part of a larger, more comprehensive set of container management and security capabilities. They are designed to help customers advance cloud transformation initiatives by automating application modernization through new services.

New Kyndryl services

I use Kyndryl for l’Application Modernization con Red Hat OpenShift are available to customers modernizing and managing operations on hybrid cloud infrastructures powered by hyperscaler platforms. These advanced modernization services accelerate the transformation of legacy applications through automated containerization and microservices-based architectures. Kyndryl’s approach enables greater agility, scalability and resiliency, helping companies innovate faster.

To speed up implementation

I use Kyndryl for Red Hat OpenShift speed up on-premises and cloud deployment to ensure greater consistency between the two operating models. Maintaining the flexibility to take full advantage of native cloud services. The offering simplifies the orchestration and management of application workloads, increasing agility and minimizing risk.

Edge adoption is growing

Jevin Jensen, IDC Research Vice President
Based on recent studies, edge and container adoption is projected to grow tremendously in the next 2-3 years. Containerization can help overcome the challenges of traditional application development and improve business outcomes. By leveraging container platforms like Red Hat OpenShift and choosing a deployment partner with capabilities like Kyndryl, enterprises with public or hybrid clouds will be more successful in modernizing applications.

New services from Kyndryl help Red Hat OpenShift customers

Additionally, Kyndryl is leveraging the expertise of Kyndryl Consult’s experts. In addition to the open integration platform Kyndryl Bridge and the capabilities of Advanced Delivery professionals. These allow Kyndryl to design, implement and accelerate cloud transformation projects leveraging the Red Hat OpenShift ecosystem and the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. So as to provide customers with greater visibility, control and cost management of applications.

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Il Migration Toolkit for Applications

Nicolas Sekkaki, Applications, Data and AI Global Practice Leader di Kyndryl
We are excited to leverage Red Hat OpenShift and its Migration Toolkit for Applications as part of our new services. This is to better support customers in modernizing applications faster and more cost-effectively. By expanding our relationship with partners like Red Hat, we’re able to truly meet customers on their digital transformation journey.

IT management delays

Customers are increasingly faced with a lack of resources and know-how to manage their complex hybrid cloud infrastructures. Resulting in IT management delays that can slow down important transformation projects. Kyndryl’s services for Red Hat OpenShift can help enterprises increase developer speed and advance cloud migration initiatives.

Accelerate modernization initiatives

Joe Fernandes, Vice President e General Manager, Hybrid Cloud Platforms di Red Hat
Red Hat OpenShift offers a complete container application platform. Backed by a robust and qualified partner ecosystem to support deployments in any hybrid cloud environment. As companies look to accelerate application modernization initiatives at scale, Kyndryl’s new services for Red Hat OpenShift using the Migration Toolkit for Applications further expand customer choice. They also strengthen capabilities in the cloud to address the challenges and opportunities that arise.

New services from Kyndryl arrive for Red Hat OpenShift

Over the last year, Kyndryl and Red Hat have worked for expand e strengthen their strategic alliance to help customers adopt open automation technologies. As well as managed services to modernize key business applications and IT infrastructure. Kyndryl also expanded support across Red Hat’s sales, delivery, and engineering portfolio, putting its service professionals at the service of customers.

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