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leaked the next iPad and iPhone of 2024

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leaked the next iPad and iPhone of 2024

The next iPhone and iPad that Apple will present in 2024 and the processors they will use have just been leaked

Details of the Apple’s 2024 roadmap with up to 16 new devices between iPhone and iPad have been leaked, revealing possible devices and the chips they will use. This valuable information allows us to anticipate the power of the upcoming devices.

iPhone 16:
The processor t8140 is unknown at this time, but it is expected to be the A18 chip used by the iPhone 16. Interestingly, all four iPhone 16 models are expected to feature the A18 chip, marking a change from previous years.

iPad (11th generation):
The processor t8101 is currently known to be the A14 Bionic, but it is the same chip used in the current 10th generation iPad, leading to speculation about an upgrade.

iPad mini 2024:
The iPad mini is expected to receive an upgrade with the A17 Bionic chip, providing a performance boost compared to the current A15 Bionic chip.

iPad Air 2024:
The new iPad Air for 2024 is expected to feature the Apple M2 chip, an upgrade from the current M1 chip used in the current model.

iPad Pro 2024:
The 2024 iPad Pro is rumored to have a new OLED screen and M3 chip, providing improved performance and display quality.

These leaked details offer a glimpse into the upcoming lineup of Apple devices for 2024. While the iPad range may see updates soon, the iPhone 16 is expected to be unveiled in September. Stay tuned for more updates on these highly anticipated devices.

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