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LenovoPRO × Microsoft 365 Commerce Portfolio Provides One-Stop Solution for SMEs

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LenovoPRO × Microsoft 365 Commerce Portfolio Provides One-Stop Solution for SMEs

Lenovo is a computer brand that many friends believe are quite familiar. Lenovo, which is common in the office, also provides commercial solutions for enterprises in addition to computers. Among them, they cooperate with Microsoft to provide Microsoft 365 solutions at preferential prices, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. One-stop solution for all relevant needs.

becomeLenovoPROMembers can enjoy various discounts

Lenovo itself has a LenovoPRO membership service for business users, providing more intimate business services, such as dedicated customer service and large-scale procurement plans, so that companies of all sizes can purchase Lenovo computers more conveniently.

LenovoPRO members can also get a series of exclusive business discounts, such as up to 20% discount on Lenovo products, and even priority to purchase exclusive limited models, as well as enjoy up to 5% consumption rebate and so on. It also includes a monthly discount for Microsoft 365, which fully meets the software and hardware needs of enterprises.

Microsoft 365 meets the needs of small and medium businesses

In addition to being one of the well-known PC computer brands, Lenovo is also a Solution Provider (CSP), providing enterprise customers with solutions tailored to their needs. And Microsoft 365 is one of the options they have.Register for free as a LenovoPRO member and enjoy 10% discount on all plans, buy Microsoft 365 Business Basic, an average of only $ per month43. From Microsoft 365 Business Basic to the more feature-rich Premium, and Microsoft 365 Apps are available at a 10% discount (click here to learn more)

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Everyone is familiar with Microsoft’s software, especially for business scenarios, Windows and Office are already necessary tools for daily use. The Microsoft 365 series solutions are commercial cloud collaboration solutions based on Microsoft’s long-standing experience in this area. They provide Teams team communication and collaboration platform and SharePoint information sharing platform, and can also use web version and mobile device version of Office App , which is seamlessly compatible with the commonly used computer version of Office, and at the same time, multiple people can collaborate instantly on the Internet.

In addition, Microsoft 365 also provides a series of auxiliary tools for enterprise needs, including up to 1TB of OneDrive storage space for sharing files between teams and externally, as well as ensuring security and compliance needs, and providing 24/7 phone and online support. If you choose an advanced service plan, it also has functions such as threat protection and device management for scale-up. For SMEs, it can be said to be a one-stop solution for various digital transformation needs.

With the hybrid office becoming a new trend, the Teams function included in Microsoft 365 is actually quite practical, helping team members communicate effectively online and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

For the needs of file storage and sharing, One Drive for Business provided by Microsoft 365 also provides auxiliary functions for business users, and there are many improvements in security, internal collaboration and file management.

Free registration with welcome offer

LenovoPRO members can actually register for free. After a simple registration on the official website, they can enjoy all kinds of unusual discounts. If the purchase scale increases, they can upgrade their membership levels and enjoy higher discounts.

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LenovoPRO is currently offering a limited-time welcome offer. From now until September 30, as long as you successfully register as a LenovoPRO member, you can get up to HK$6,000 LenovoPRO welcome discount code and Lenovo PB420 portable charger (valued at $199). If the registered member is online within 30 days If you spend HKD15,000 or more at the official Lenovo store, you can get a free Lenovo Go amplifier. Interested friends can seize the opportunity and register on the official website: (click this link)

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