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Libero and Virgilio: the mail still doesn’t work

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Libero and Virgilio: the mail still doesn’t work

After two days the Libero and Virgilio email services have not yet been restored. The compass on Internet service problems Downdetector continues to register tens of thousands of reports. And on social networks, the anger of users of e-mail services continues to mount, asking for clarifications from the official profiles of the companies.

Libero Mail tweeted in the afternoon that “Libero Mail has been unreachable for a few hours due to a technical problem”, and that “we are working to get all the mailboxes back to work as soon as possible”. Then a reassurance to users: “We exclude in any case the loss of data”.

The comments under the tweet first stigmatize Libero’s initial sentence, emphasizing that it is not about some: “I haven’t been able to look at work emails for 2 days”, complains a user. And not being able to access work emails seems to be the main concern of many users in these hours.

“It is no longer a disservice, but a real damage”, tweeted another user with the hashtag #Liberoemail, which with #Liberodown and #Virgiliodown are among the most used in these hours to report failures, problems, or consequences of the impossibility to access your email account.

The services of Libero and Virgilio, which are both part of Italiaonline, are still quite used for e-mail in Italy. Libero, in celebrating its twentieth anniversary two years ago, had declared that it still had 8.8 million customers. The most recent data from Virgilio, on the other hand, dates back to three years earlier, with a number of subscribers to his e-mail service exceeding 10 million accounts.

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